A 157lb Dissection

Airports and planes are the only places I read magazines. Most of the time, the content in popular magazines isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, but I usually have several hours of travel time to kill, so I like to warm up with what’s essentially the KFC of literature. Case in point: several years ago, during a trip out to Arizona for a conference, I’d picked up a copy of Maxim magazine. A blurb on some page about how to do things better, under the subhead “How to gracefully get out of a bad date”, read:

“If she’s crazy, won’t stop talking about her cats, or is pushing 160 pounds…”

It’s now the middle of 2013, and still that line of text floats through my head periodically. Why? Because I’m 157 pounds.

As a coach, I get to hear everything that everybody says about everybody – good, bad, and ugly. I’m aware of the opinions of your family members, business associates, and friends regarding your physical development, and I’ve become acutely aware of this simple fact: if it doesn’t fit their convention, it’s inferior.

All too often, I get to hear about how a boyfriend doesn’t like it that his girlfriend’s biceps are more defined than his, or how it’s manly to have calf muscles, or how one of my female athletes has to cover up with a shawl because she doesn’t want to embarrass anyone she’s with when she’s out because of her traps. I get to hear about how women shouldn’t be lifting that much weight, or eating that many eggs for breakfast, or how their mothers are swearing on every religious relic on the planet that they’re going to hurt themselves. I get to hear about how fat everyone thinks they are, and how they’re limiting themselves to 1,100 calories a day to lose the weight. I get to hear how weak everyone thinks they are, how much they suck in comparison to somebody else, or how all they want to do is get huge. I hear about cellulite, about how big thighs are getting, about weight gain. I get to hear about things that people have been mad at themselves about for 5, 10, 15, 20 years or more.


I am not attempting to eradicate judgment – it’s actually a decent survival mechanism. I am advocating instead for duck-like backs after we encounter it and before we respond to it. I am also advocating the stance that not all judgment, even the sort you hear resonating off the insides of your own skull, is grounded in reality. To this end, and to clear my own attachment to the years-old aforementioned subhead, I am laying out a buffet table of facts about myself in my own attempt to purge the judgment call that a woman who is nearing 160 pounds somehow does not have value.

Age 30
Height 65.5 inches
Weight 157
Body Fat 25%
Neck circumference 15 inches
Chest circumfrence 37.5 inches
Waist circumfrence 27.5 inches
Hip circumfrence 40 inches
CrossFitting for Roughly 3 years
Back squat 270 lbs
Strict overhead press 115 lbs
Deadlift 300 lbs
Clean and Jerk 165 lbs
500m row 1:43
Fran 4:38, Rx
Grace 2:38, Rx
Cindy 16 rounds, Rx
Filthy Fifty 268
Max pull ups 12
Max box jump 43 inches
Max burpees (2 minutes) 46


I subsist mainly on a diet of 5-6 eggs, half an avocado, and a small handful of berries for breakfast, roughly a pound or so of ground beef with kimchi or red sauce for lunch, and Brazilian BBQ with veggies for dinner. I eat this way about 80% of the time. I love dark chocolate, cheeseburgers, and ice cream, and in the summer, I eat ice cream from local stands as much as 1 or 2 times a week.  I know my diet could be cleaner, but sometimes I just want dessert for breakfast.

I love my shoulders, my traps, and my butt. I have cellulite on my thighs, and there are some days that I’m okay with it. I get frustrated with how small my hands are, because I can’t hook grip a men’s 28mm bar. Sometimes I skip a WoD because I’m worried I won’t do well.

In the next six months, I’d like my back squat to go up to 285, my deadlift to go up to 325, and my C&J to go up to 185. I’d like to increase my max pull ups by 100% and be able to walk 20 feet on my hands. I’d like to lose 5% body fat and string 4 muscle ups together.

I am intentionally subjecting myself to judgment, your judgment, in writing and publishing this article. Whether you say it out loud or not, you’ll probably have an opinion about it and about me. Regardless of what you think, the take home point is this: age, weight, arm circumference, lift efforts, and WoD times are measurements – nothing more. The value assigned to those measurements by you, and those around you are the points to consider. Do you think more about the weight on the scale than the weight on your bar? Do you negate your current performance because you’re not at your goal yet? Do you listen to other people tell you how to eat, when you are a picture of health and they’re on the path to type 2 diabetes? The way you look should be a by-product of what you can do. More focus on the work, less focus on the noise. More expectations of yourself for greatness.


  1. Gina,
    I love it!

    You are an inspiration.


    • Thank you so much, Lisa. I’m glad you enjoyed!

      • Forever Jacked says:

        How to gracefully end a date if she’s crazy and won’t stop talking about Crossfit … Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep nor the strong over the opinion if the weak. Your stronger than most dudes I know, sucks for them. Maxim is written for the inferior shit brained non lifting beta males , pay it or any weakling no mind.

        • Hit the Road, Jack says:

          I’m glad that you’re supporting what Gina is trying to do here, because it’s awesome.

          I don’t like the “us vs. them” attitude, though. Can’t we agree that Maxim is a terrible magazine without making it about who lifts and who doesn’t?

    • Brad Bennett says:

      hey I’m Brad. my best fran is 5;17 and i wa hella proud when i did it. Im 6 ft 218 at about 18% bodyfat… my pr angie is 19;55 and im proud of that one too. I think youre beautiful …. and the fact thqt you go public with all this is even more testimony at how tough you are….if I wasnt married…..jk I think youre awesome…. Im going to work harder just because of you. thanks Brad.

    • This is great! Well said, well written, well done. I like the way you think, and I think you look great and fit! I like how you know what you want, and that your confident. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and stats from CF. I too struggle with the weight gains, but have to remind myself that I can lift more, feel stronger, reach goals and really love crossfit. I love the way it makes me feel, more confident and the friendships I have made are amazing and keep me going. ROCK ON!

  2. Wow!! Awesome. I love that someone finally has the guts to speak up about this. There is nothing sexier than when a woman feels comfortable in her body and if guys or even girls for that matter can’t accept that then there’s something wrong with them. I think you look great and if someone has a nasty comment towards you, brush it off. You’re clearly stronger. Women need to learn to do that! Keep working towards your goals!

    • Thank you, Amanda – it wasn’t easy to write and even more difficult to post, but I felt it was important. I know I’m not the only woman who has nasty thoughts about herself, and I’m also not the only one who is subject to hateful people saying hateful things (see commentary below). We are not alone in this.

  3. Awesome and very inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

  4. you are awesome.
    you are beautiful.
    a 165 c&j trumps any talk about calories.
    skinny is not pretty if you look like your legs might snap if someone gets too close.
    stop reading maxim.

  5. Ex Member says:

    Someone who is truly happy with themselves doesn’t need to write an article to prove themselves and indirectly insult others. The surplus of superficial rhetoric you spew may fool some folks, but not to those who value the important things in life that can’t be measured by a scale, a waist measurement, how large your traps are and every other piece of stupidity you are preaching. “greatness” as defined by you is also embarrassing to read. You speak, look and by any means are white trash who feeds off people to make a profit to build your own ego and business that will fail because its a fad. I am struggling to find an internal flame or sign of goodness in you. In conclusion, nobody gives a shit about your “table of facts”. The only fact that is clear to me is you are lacking something very fundamental and that is a clear conscious. Let people live their own lives. I know many that make you look fat with how fit they are and the major difference is they don’t need to write articles and moreover they never put their fitness 1st to their family. I hope you wake up and wake up really quick and to the sad souls that feed into your scam, well all I have to say is I pray you see all the holes in this culture that is “Crossfit”

    • andy38@yahoo.com, which CrossFit did you attend?

    • “Someone who is truly happy with themselves doesn’t need to write an article to prove themselves and indirectly insult others.” Based on this logic, it would seem you’re not too happy with yourself, either.

      Gina, I don’t know you, but I think your message is great. Keep doing what you’re doing, and pay no mind to this guy who you seem to have offended with nothing but your honesty and confidence.

      • Thank you, Haley. That means a great deal coming from you, whom I’ve never met personally but whose work ethic and badass-ness I’ve seen plastered everywhere and witnessed year after year in comps and at Regionals. Glad you enjoyed.

    • Violette says:

      Bitter much?

    • oooohhh…. looks like Crossfit didn’t work for somebody. Tsk tsk. Maybe we need to look a little closer to home for where that angst and anger originates.

      Fitness begins within. When we speak the words that are designed to build people up, we can’t fight the sickness inside their heads unless they let us. Hopefully our delightful soul posting their “I failed” attitude finds a place to work out where they can accept the positivity and encouragement of others rather than wallowing in resentment at a program that only they could have succeeded or failed in. You get out of it what you put into it.

    • You know you could have still made your point without insulting her or sounding bitter.
      Think about that in the future.

    • Wow “Ex member” has a lot of venom and hate for someone I doubt he/she has ever met. Did someone tell “EX” that they were obligated to vomit their opinion all over? If you didn’t like it…so what-move on. You probably think that everyone needs or wants your two cents. Gina-I thank you for sharing your experience for those of us who Crossfit, occasionally cheat but then get up the next morning and do it over again. I for one wish you the best and would love to meet you someday. “EX”…I hope our paths never cross. You are one of those arrogant, self righteous pigs that are toxic.

    • Ex Member,

      I am one of the faces of a MAJOR and respected diet company. I’ve lost 106lbs the natural way….diet and exercise. My weight number has been high and I worry that all this talk about “muscle weighs more than fat” is completely untrue. I joined Crossfit and it helped me to finish my journey and get to a place I’ve wanted to be. I appreciate this woman for writing this article because it makes me believe that there are other girls out there that worry about the number on the scale and should not.
      HOWEVER, for you to write such an obnoxious and rude retort to this women’s attempt to help other’s….only say’s one thing about you. Your the person who sits on the sidelines and judges everyone else. Your too afraid to try anything and you have no heart.
      Instead of spending time trying to find another person’s soul…..maybe you should reflect on what a successful person with character does……help motivate others.

    • Hey Ex Member,

      I get it, man. I did CrossFit for over 2 years and eventually got hurt, mainly by buying into the “you’ve got this, come on, one more rep!” bullshit (as the saying goes, training is not testing, but in CrossFit it’s very easy to overlook this). So at times I find I’m really fucking mad, because I went from feeling super-fit and strong to having a messed up lumbar spine and shoulder (try training around your weaknesses with that combo).

      So I understand that people who drop out of CrossFit get mad. Plus, moving to the “outside looking in”, you start to notice all these CrossFitters zealously going on all day long about what they do, blogging as though training for increased work capacity across time and modal domains suddenly makes them a cross between Wilfred Owen and Deepak Chopra, and sometimes appearing horribly smug and patronizing vis-a-vis other fitness activities. And that just makes you madder. And it sometimes tips you over the edge when you see it, so you feel compelled to comment. Like, how can people be such asshats? Amiright?

      But shit dude, that was a lot of angry to put on a page. This particular blog has as much good as bad. Sure, she posted all her weights and times and that sure does look a bit self-indulgent, and you could say the same about the workout gear in the pics. I know it smacks of false modesty, and CrossFitters are really good at that, but if you can put that aside, the messages about bucking the “convention”, treating numbers as just that and not an indicator of a person’s worth, and being yourself are very worthwhile ones.

      Ex Member, I get that you’re mad. Listen man, what you need to do is: 1) get onto beastmodaldomains.com and drywall forging elite sarcasm so at least you can see the funny side of the stuff in CrossFit that pissed you off, 2) find a strength and conditioning gym with some sober fitness professionals who have been more thoroughly trained than your average clueless Cert 1 recipient, and 3) go see someone about that anger thing. It sounds kinda septic.


    • I love how you speak of praying for others when your post was not very Christian like. Sounds like you need someone to pray for you!

    • I personally know Gina…..Your words, although bitter and angry, will not affect her in the least. She is amazing. Blogging about this may seem self indulgent, however, since fitness is her J-O-B….rest assured it isn’t! It is just another part of her job, which she does so amazingly well.
      Rock on Gina! Some people just hate it when people build other people up, dispel judgment
      and empower. I have found that people like this are generally weak and self loathing. Feel very bad for you Ex! Such a sad way to be! Oh, and since we are on the subject of size and self worth, I would venture to think that all these areas are lacking for you! 😉

  6. Ex Member says:

    This is what separates the truth versus the nonsense. My post will be deleted, thus proving my point.

  7. That’s actually spot on. I tend not to put any stock at all in what’s stated in these “Men’s magazines”. As you said, they’re the KFC of literature, and I think you were being kind to them.

    Personally, I like it if a woman is stronger than me. Someone’s gotta keep me in line 😀

    • Thanks, Joe! It’s just outdated stereotypes of what people should look like, but sometimes the points get stuck in the rugae of the brain nonetheless.

      Glad you enjoyed.

  8. Michael says:

    Do not let that throw you. You absolutely rock. 110 lbs, 160lbs, 200lbs, it doesn’t matter. You’re healthy and are obviously in excellent shape! Keep it up! Some people are just dumb

  9. Ex Member says:

    Haley are you pretending to be stupid or are you really that stupid?

    • Ex member you’re proving your ignorance w every post. I dont do cross fit (yet) (sounds like you tried but flamed out for whatever reason) and have been in varying degrees of shape most of my life. Why are you spewing all of this venom? I don’t know Gina, but it seems she has the drive and mindset to be successful in any fitness arena she plays in. And she’s a knockout to boot, AND would probably make you cry momma if you ever tried to train with her.

    • Definitely not stupid, but I am pretty confused. What about this article could possibly offend you so much that you feel the need to hide behind an anonymous name and write such mean, hurtful things? If you hate CrossFit so much, stay off the website. Gina’s post took a lot more courage than your lame attempt to hurt her. Next time you want to be a bully, at least have the guts to own up to it and post your name.

      • I bet it is the way it disagrees with the biggest lie we are told by our culture….that women’s value is dependent on the number on a scale! Men with inferiority complex tend to hate the thought that women would be empowered and feel self worth. Something about this guy’s post leads me to believe that he has abusive tendencies……bet if we did a background check, there would be some domestic abuse or restraining order issues, since he clearly has no respect!

    • This guy is just a troll. Gina, you are awesome, and I would kill to go out with someone with your attitude who looks like you. Keep it up!

  10. Amanda Leahy says:

    Thank you so much for writing this, Gina. Overwhelming emphasis on ACHIEVEMENT, not appearance, is what initially drew me to CrossFit. Having seen it borne out in the box at CFL is what makes me believe that CrossFit is genuinely different (in an amazing and positive way) from any other athletic community I’ve been a part of. I think it takes a certain amount of paradigmatic shifting to realize that just because one has been an athlete one’s entire life, one won’t automatically be “good” at CrossFit, or that being what others might deem “overweight” won’t stop someone from killing it in a WoD. This is what I love about CrossFit: it forces us to completely restructure the way we think about ourselves and our bodies, namely, what our bodies can DO. Thank you for bringing this home! Anyone who doesn’t realize that this is what your post is about can’t read.

    • So happy to have you as a member of the fam now, Amanda! You have great potential and I can’t wait to watch you develop it. See you tomorrow.

  11. Thank you for the post and a being a super role model. I’m a 54 yo female and I have about the same weight and height stats as you but that’s about it. I’m working on building my body and mind’s strength and appreciate your frankness. I might wonder if you want to change the word subsist to thrive in the description of your food consumption.

  12. Wow. That guy is a total dick.
    I think every bit of YOU just oozes awesomeness, Gina!

    Example of Gina’s awesomeness: The mere fact that she simply responded to that BS with, “What CF did you go to?”

    I personally can not wait to get back to CFL and be a part of such an accepting and inspiring community of bad-asses. Shit… I better hurry and get back before everyone realizes its just a fad and CFL just becomes an epic fail.

    • We can’t wait to have you back, Kat! Miss your spunkiness around the box. I think you’re going to love the new locale!

  13. Liz Vazquez says:

    Lovely, absolutely lovely! Thank you for putting your beautiful image and stats out there — the world, women, men, our daughters, and our sons need to see far, far more strong, healthy women!

  14. Gina, I think that what you have to say here is important not just for women, but for men as well. I know that social expectations for women are a lot higher for women as you pointed out with the Maxim magazine, but men are just as self conscious. I have been in CrossFit for almost one year and I have seen my body change from morbidly obese to obese with a lot of muscle. I still have a lot of weight to lose. I still get discourage because there are a lot of things that I can’t do. Your article really hit home for me though. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Mark, thank you so much for sharing your story. I think expectations are just as ridiculous for men as they are for women – it may just be less blatant. In my career as a coach, I’ve encountered a lot of men who place tremendous value on adding mass, which is a fine goal, but they overlook their current capacities and strengths. That’s why I wanted to emphasize giving equal credence to what you *can* do as well as what you *want* to do. It’s important to check into your bank of accomplishments and admire them every once in a while.

      Glad you enjoyed.

    • Right there with you Mark. I know it’s a running joke in CF that we’re always shirtless and boardshorted, but that was never me in terms of the shirtless part. A few months ago, I made an active decision that I was going to do it specifically because I was so uncomfortable with the idea. I’m old, I’m heavy, I’m hairy and God knows I sweat like a open faucet. Guess what? I survived. And now I don’t give a crap. It actually become something of a joke. Shirt off for time. Why? Because the image in my head was way worse that what the world saw and because I’m surrounded with the best people in the world going through their own struggles and fight their own insecurities. Good luck on your journey. Check in, and be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.

  15. So ex-member do you do drugs so you can stay up all night trolling, or do you stay up all night trolling because you do drugs? I know an alcohol and speed fueled rant when I see one. Enjoy your hang over. Mean time I’ll be with my community, my friends and my family. Love you Gina. (And all of you at CFL.)

  16. Ex Member says:

    Trent. I find it amazing when you try to pretend to know everything about me simply because you read a post that you didn’t agree with. The overwhelmingly obvious fact here is that you don’t like it when someone shares an opinion that isn’t your own. I can go 12 rounds with you, but it isn’t worth my time. You are merely a simple, boring, presumptuous joke. I wish you the best, but know you are just an example of why stupid people shouldn’t procreate.

    • Ex Member, you said ” Trent, I find it amazing when you try to pretend to know everything about me simply because you read a post that you didn’t agree with.”
      Did you not do the same to Gina? You made quite the accusations of both Gina and Trent.

      You also said this, “moreover they never put their fitness 1st to their family.”
      I cannot help but wonder, has someone put their fitness before you?

      Coming from an Ex Crossfitter and the other end of the weight spectrum….
      First, I am an ex crossfitter because I cannot afford the cost. The family budget needed some strict tightening so all the “extra’s” have been cancelled for the time being.
      I did crossfit for 6 months and here is what I gained…

      1. Respect…lots of respect for those who I watched 3 days a week push themselves to achieve their goals. Respect for my personal achievements that I once would have called inferior to those surrounding me during strength training and/or the WoD.

      2. Confidence…I gained confidence in my athletic ability. When I entered the doors of crossfit I was unable to do a pull up. Upon leaving I was able to do 7 band assisted pull ups and was confident that I would be unassisted as long as I kept at it.

      3. Strength…I am absolutely ecstatic to have been able to deadlift half of what Gina can do! Until crossfit I thought I could only lift 50-60 pounds. It’s strength of mind combined with a well conditioned body that gives one strength to lift any weight.

      4. Encouragement…Not once did I enter or leave crossfit without one or more offering up a “great job!” or “way to go on your personal record today!” I was surrounded by successful crossfitters wanting to see me succeed. I was surrounded by trainers who noticed when I did not show up. I was surrounded genuine people who looked me in the eye…not at my imperfections.

      The list could go on, but there is no need. And, yes, one can find these things in other places too. I find them every Sunday at church and each time I open my bible. My point is crossfit is not the evil empire you make it to be. For that matter, Gina isn’t either. Simply a woman expressing the unfortunate but typical stereotype.

      Now on to the other end of the spectrum….the “skinny” folks. Skinny doesn’t make one strong and often times skinny is seen as weak. I happen to be Mom to a skinny 9 year old who, often times, gets the raw end of the deal. He hates wearing “slim” pants and wants to be strong. Crossfit Kids is a great example of teaching kids good health and taking care of your body at every age and every size. It teaches the same things I mentioned above. It teaches technique to avoid injury and break bad habits. It teaches endurance and patience. It teaches hard work pays off. It teaches respect of one another and it teaches a “can do” mindset for those who are and are not athletic.

      That, in my humble opinion, is the beauty of Crossfit.

      • that might be his issue Suzie…These guys hate the fact that you would gain Respect, Confidence, Strength and Encouragement. Then you might just realize your own value! They definitely don’t want that to happen! 😉

  17. I love how honest you are and the way you present a different picture of what healthy looks like.

  18. Thank you Gina – First of all – you can pay no mind to the opinion of some hateful person who is too COWARDLY to leave their name. I love it when people call crossfit a fad. Crossfit has already changed too many lives to be a fad, mine very profoundly. I began crossfitting at 48, am 51 now, and I thank God every day that I found it. At my age I still have to fight the urge to get on the scale and worry about that number – instead I constantly must remind myself to focus on improving my numbers in the gym knowing the body gets better as a result. Your message – very inspiring – thanks for sharing.

  19. James Balaam says:

    Fuck the haters EAT all the food and LIFT all the things.

  20. I love reading stories like this! I’ve recently started lifting and have to deal with a lot of comments from friends/roommates saying they’d never want to “bulk up”… I don’t either! But I’d much rather be strong, healthy, and fit than be 115 pounds and not able to do pull ups or squats. I’ve also found that many guys think women who take fitness seriously are very attractive… Thank you for not being afraid to be honest and you’re an inspiration to those of us who take pride in being strong. There should be nothing wrong with women being fit and healthy. Maybe men just can’t take the competition?!

    • Oh there’s nothing more attractive than seeing a woman focused, deadlifting 300lbs.. lemme tell ya.. I’m 22 and single at my gym, so I’m looking for a wife right.. and so many girls come in, loaded up with makeup, yoga pants, ETC.. hop on the treadmill and just sit there on the lowest setting for hours it seems.. I’m like.. uhhh… Then I see a girl, over yonder, ears plugged with music, (obviously doesn’t want to be disturbed) regular gym attire, squatting 275… I’m like. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah, then she goes over and starts deadlifting 315, I’m like .. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.. She’s not stronger than I am. I’m just trying to make a point that it doesn’t matter what you look like, this girl was pretty thick. It’s all inside that matters, and that Drive.. The external marketing doesn’t matter, unless you’re looking to get hooked up with a DOUCHEBAG…. Fit women are incredible, I only hope to someday marry a woman with fitness passion like I have.. and like this woman I saw at the gym had.. haven’t seen her since, depression D: . Anyway.. Long story short, I agree with you on — “Many guys think women who take fitness seriously are very attractive”.. It’s true. TOO TRUE. And just curious, why do women try to be so competitive against men? I don’t necessarily have a problem with it.. It’s just, I train to better myself everyday.. And with the opposite sex trying to compete against me, I’m like.. I have nothing to prove to you.. Why do you need to try to put yourself higher than me? We’re on the same level.. I don’t know.. I’m just ranting thoughts .. Anyway, I love Gina.. You’re beautiful and keep doing what you’re doing. <3

  21. Scott Spencer says:

    Your bodyfat is not 25%. i dont know what method you used but its more like 18-20%. Ive been a personal trainer for 14 years and have done hundreds of test. I think you are lower than you think. Not that it matters for the exact number. Best way to determine is to look in the mirror and how your clothes fit.

    • She is definitely not 18%. That is lean, abs would start to become visible at this stage, though not like stage-lean competitors (in reference to bodybuilding), there would be little “cushion” to see; everything would start to look hard, not soft. Now I am not saying any negative about her body, she is in great shape and looks very good and strong, but her estimate of 25% is correct, she is definitely not 18%. A lot of people tend to underestimate what a true BF percentage is, or use incorrect methods to measure it — such as calipers or using a scale. The most accurate method to use is DEXA, but it is quite expensive. Using any other method means you’re getting a pretty inaccurate result, and shouldn’t be relied on.

  22. Rosanna says:

    Love you! Your awesome . Period . screw everyone who has a negative opinion today, tomorrow and forever. Strength is beautiful, the number on a scale doesn’t mean anything. I’m trying to gain some weight so my numbers on the bar can go up. Keep doing you and keep inspiring

  23. Theresa says:

    I enjoyed your article. I don’t know what a lot of those numbers mean, but your overall message, I take as: be healthy and be happy—and I dig that.

    I wasted many years feeling bad about my body, and have begun making a conscious, daily effort to be healthy and perfectly fine with me. I exercise daily and eat well, but I’m no magazine cover—it’s really ashame that any of us (male or female) ever feel/felt we had to contend with that.

  24. My opinion: you’re amazing! Thanks for the reminder about what’s really important.

  25. I’ve wanted to get into crossfit for a while now but I have to drop some weight first.

    I think you are pretty AND amazing AND look fantastically fit! So let ’em put that in their peace pipe and smoke it!

    • Jan,
      Unless your doctor has specifically told you not to exercise, you don’t need to drop any weight. I started CrossFit at over 300 lbs. I asked the box owner before I started, “Do you think that I can do this? Or do I need to get into better shape first?”

      His response still haunts me, “You will never be in good enough shape to start.”

      That was a Friday. I started the following Monday.

    • Jan, speaking as someone who just started really going to CrossFit, don’t wait to lose the weight. I have a lot of weight I’d like to lose, but as soon as I started going to CrossFit my focus became on the fun of the challenge. I’ve lost some weight and inches, and that’s great, but what’s better is that I can do little things in life I couldn’t a few months ago – like chasing after my kids and lifting heavy stuff on my own. If Bob Harper can modify CF for morbidly obese folks and get amazing results, I’m truly convinced this can be for everyone. You just have to show up. Good luck to you.

  26. Ex Member says:

    I want to say one last thing, I acted the same way you ALL are way before you most likely knew what CrossFit was. Then I grew up, saved 200 a month and realized what a douche I was. I am not going to argue with all of you as it is something you will learn, with time and in the words of the great Mark Twain:

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

  27. “I love my shoulders, my traps, and my butt. ”
    Me too!

    Seriously, though, I would like to qualify my statement for the sake of context. I am 35, have two kids, been around the internet awhile. My opinions are shaped and molded over a long period of time and lots of reading, and the understanding that I will simply not understand everything. I don’t carbon copy my opinions from others, and opinions from people I don’t know personally don’t even register with my brain any more.

    Your body is breathtakingly beautiful. Just a perfect, exquisite example of what the human body can achieve when driven by discipline, determination, and a good mind/character. Women like you form the cornerstone of my faith in humanity and God, because how else could such divine beauty be explained? If I were less married and lived closer to MA, I would be all, “Hey! Sup?”, but I suppose my distant, but profound, admiration will have to suffice. Thank you.

  28. Marielle says:

    I love this blog post, and those are some impressive stats! I also love how small the Internet world is, because my best friend, Dyann, told me about you and suggested I go to your gym next time I am back visiting my parents. Now I definitely will!

  29. You. Are. Awesome.

  30. I think it’s pretty obvious that we’ve a guy who failed and now has an issue with a woman who is amazingly strong, confident and unapologetic. I see guys like that all the time in the gym but I wish I saw more women like GIna in the gym. I loved seeing you lift that concrete ball! My heaviest squat was 275 and now I am inspired to keep lifting! I also love that you wear bootie shorts and a bra in the gym. I was just going through a weird body image phase and seeing this made me really rethink my attitude about my body. I am no longer going to hide because I’m giving myself an unrealistic expectation of perfection and I’m not going to beat myself up about it because we all have doubts. I love your diet but if I had kimchi and ice cream on the same day, YIKES my poor husband! As an aside, Maxim also had Christina Hendricks on the cover, She may not be super strong but she’s no double 0 either. If look around, even women in popular culture are more fit and “womanly” looking as opposed to what we’ve seen in the past and much like everything else, the standard of what a woman “should look like” is becoming more a choice of the individual instead of what the media tries to sell us. Thank you for also being candid about you confidence and being honest about not always having it, in short…being human.

  31. Jess Miga says:

    That was a TREMENDOUS article. It made me smile the whole time I was reading it. I can see where you are coming from. I have two sisters who are very very thin and many times I will feel like the “fat” one because of all the muscle I have. You know what it is time to realize and be proud of what we work for. I think it is great and this article just made me super happy. Thank you SO much for this.

  32. This woman is perfect

  33. Wow, hot, and positive wish I knew you.

  34. Inspiring post. Simply put, you’re 157lbs of awesome. 🙂

  35. Love this post and I love your goals! I think it is possible to be happy about where you are but still always want to move forward. Gotta love the journey! 🙂

  36. I love dropping the 150 number on people. Our measurements are close. I’ve been working as a PT for about two years and resistance training about 4 yrs. They FLIP.

    Muscle weighs. That’s just all there is too it. That and women are so caught up in the lie that they believe being 140 pounds of fat and skin is going to make them ‘thin’ and that they’re going to diet away their saggy tricep skin.

    I have had to shift my training focus every now and again because I DO bulk, at this point if I put a fat layer down over the muscle but that’s more an issue with food than an issue with workouts. I’ll drop a little muscle and up my cardio when I start noticing my rockin biceps aren’t really rocked, just puffy. lol.

    I also love telling them I’m 35.

  37. Thanks for this post. It really adds a nice perspective. I’d kill for your figure and muscular capabilities. I’m working on my figure, and it’s hard to ignore the voices, even in my head, but my body gets me through every day and so I’m grateful for it – no matter what I look like to others.

  38. you rock girlfriend. keep on movin.

  39. I do not crossfit (I compete in strongman) but I know a lot of people who do (a crossfit friend posted this article on facebook) and they continuously impress me with the same drive and determination that I can tell you have just by reading this one post. The questions you ask at the very end of the post have the same training philosophy every strongman competitor should have. In fact, the more I learn about crossfitters, the more similarities I see between the training and diet philosophies and it has made me admire and respect your sport so much more than I used to. Y’all may do things a bit lighter than us but you sure do it faster and with the same determination and love for the lift. Not the love for any specific look or the pump but just the love for the lift. I hope cross sport admiration encourages you as much as it encourages me. Smash those goals so you can make new ones 🙂 and remember, anonymity gives small people the impression that they can bring people down to their level and it makes them capable of saying terrible things with no consequences and I think you handled that admirably.

  40. Les Berry says:

    Many women make the mistake thinking skinny means fit and this is not the case. A person can be skinny, average size, a little over weight or even fat and be fit. A person can also be those different sizes and not be fit. You look great in your pictures and you’ve been doing crossfit for 3 years, so I know you’re in pretty good shape with the stats you listed on what you can do. You are beautiful and dare I say it, FINE! Just because the media says a certain way makes a woman attractive doesn’t mean that’s what people in the real world actually think. Keep doing what you are doing and looking the way you are looking. You have lots more support from people in this world than people who make harsh statements. Great article Gina.

  41. You look fantastic, 157 is an irrelevant number . Just wish more women had this outlook.

  42. Gina, You have an amazing body and you are without a doubt gorgeous. Any idiot who puts a number by what is acceptable or “sexy” more than likely has no business judging anyone. I’m 68″ and 180lbs. If you look at the BMI with those stats I’m obese and blah blah blah. In reality I’m sub 13% body fat which is something that few American men my age (28) can say truthfully. All that matters is that you are happy with you and trust me that’s not an every day thing. I have days that I’m just like damn am I getting pudgy and others that I have to force myself away from mirrors and anything else reflective lol. Smile be happy you’re in great shape (crossfit numbers are amazing good job), your body is gorgeous, you are strong and beautiful.

    oh and love your ink.

  43. This is FANTASTIC. Thanks for showing the world what a strong woman really looks and feels like. 🙂

  44. Scott Ismari says:

    Gina, I am a competitive powerlifter and personal trainer., I dont do Crossfit but I do have my own version that I fall back on from time to time before I even heard about Crossfit . Your numbers are impressive and most guys would be happy to claim them. You are a huge credit to the sport. You are in awesome shape. scale weight is just a number. If you ever wanted to compete in figure, it would not take long to prep you for it. A great jump off point for stage competition and powerlifting if you chose. Your numbers are on par with raw competitive women in NASA federation your body weight. Keep up the great work and use the negative feedback you get as fuel to propell you further. You look great!

  45. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I look at your pics and don’t think about how much you weigh but how much you look like a bad ass!! I’m so grateful for you sharing this!! I’ve been crossfitting since January and while my weight has gone up 5 lbs. I’ve lost 4% body fat and notice new definition every week and I LOVE IT!! Thank you , thank you, thank you for speaking up for all of us!!!

  46. Rick Nelson says:


    I just read this article (as I prepare for my own CrossFit journey) & couldn’t agree more with what you said.

    You are badass & beautiful, and I’m glad you realize it!

    Regards, Rick

  47. There’s a lot of people apparently a better size than others spending ZERO time in any gym. They aren’t getting fitter or better, they aren’t making friends and they don’t contribute to others. Seriously? If that’s what perfect is, give me fat, big, strong, gym junkie whatever you term me as every time. How boring and uninspiring it would be to be perfect. The world needs you now, just as you are.

  48. Lynn Burns says:

    Simple comment…you ROCK!

  49. This is exactly the message we all need to be sending!! Thank you so much for being one of the first. You are beautiful AND strong (physically and obviously mentally) – which, in my opinion, makes you an amazing role model to women everywhere. 🙂 Thanks!

  50. Gina,
    This article is incredibly inspiring. Thank you so much!!!


  51. I have been crossfitting for 3 years as well. I am currently at my heaviest I have ever been in my life. But I know what 165lbs at size 14+ and what a healthy 165lbs at size 8 is like. I do not step on the scale any more for the simple fact that the scale does not give me a true measurement of my worth. I am a work in progress and yea sure I can do better on the diet thing. I eat 80% clean like you as well and could eat cleaner as well, but those dang deserts are hard to give up. One day I hope to have numbers anywhere near yours. Right now my clean and Jerk is 95lbs and that I was able to do 2xs in the open for the first time. This is no small feat; as I did injure my wrists about 14 years ago and never really completely healed from it. So anything in the rack position is harder for me to do (cleans, front squats, thrusters etc). You are an inspiration and thank you for letting the rest of us “fat” girls know we are not alone. 😉

  52. This is incredibly inspiring and refreshing! I’m 21 years old, 71 inches tall and 177lbs. Weight has been my biggest problem for both my health and my confidence all my life and only recently since beginning crossfit, I’ve realized that despite being overweight, I can run further, faster and lift much heavier than 90% of my female friends in the healthy index. One of my coaches said something to me the other day that your article reminds me of- There is a big difference between fit, and thin!
    Keep up the inspiring work!

  53. Maggie Carter says:

    I am exactly the same weight and height as you. I don’t have a Crossfit gym near me (though I would love to try it some day), but my workout routine is exemplified in my enormous calves, my beautiful arms, and my tight core. That is a lot to say just to tell you that your blog post made me feel pretty awesome today :-)! The only person allowed to judge me is me.

  54. Gina,

    Good for you, you are doing great! I started lifting heavy weights about 3 years ago and have been amazed at how it has changed nearly every aspect of my life. At 5’1, 114pounds I was able to enter into my first powerlifting competition after just 3 months of training and do I ever love it. My husband encouraged me to write about my experiences and through the lifting pumping up my confidence, I did just that, wrote a book about powerlifting for women 🙂 We ladies need to stick together…keep up the great work Gina!


  55. Manfred says:

    all i have to say is “real talk”

  56. Keep at it, Girl!!
    We have nearly identical stats. I started CF over 5 years ago, now own a box… Truly, We hear it all, good and bad. You just keep moving on with your goals and let the trolls be. Thank you for your post!

  57. Thanks for the wonderful article. Sometimes I need a reminder that the scale is not the deciding factor in my life. And your piece was just what I needed to remind me. CrossFit has made me look at what is beautiful in a whole light.

  58. Kathy Murray says:

    I LOVE this..,.
    At 55(almost 56) I started CF /personal training 9 mo ago- I have lost 2 months due to injury (Not related to working out). I am 5’10 ish and started out at almost 260, my highest wt ever (currently down 35) … I wish I had had Gina’s attitude 25 yrs ago , but spilled milk. I have never been this strong… ever…Am healthier than I’ve been for a long time. I have 2 grown up kids and 7 grand babies I want to be around for.
    This has changed my body, mind and spirit.. My body was dying and I felt it… I am now living. I am just starting to do WODs with the group.. the support is unbelievable

    • Kathy Murray says:

      My point is…It’s people like Gina that have helped me and changing the way I think and do things..numbers are just niumbers.. Thank you Gina for putting this into words..

    • Kathy Murray says:

      My point is…It’s people like Gina that have helped me in changing the way I think and do things..numbers are just numbers.. Thank you Gina for putting this into words..

  59. Maverick says:

    dude she’s hot. you got it right f haters

  60. Courtney Fisher says:

    “The way you look should be a by-product of what you can do. More focus on the work, less focus on the noise. More expectations of yourself for greatness.” Love this thought and concept!! Now just to believe in it too…. Thanks for a great article~

  61. Go baby Go

  62. What type of protein do you use for post workout?

  63. Gina-

    Thank you for one of he most inspirational CrossFit posts I’ve ever seen! It makes me want to throw the scale out the window! My dad is always the one telling me I’m going to hurt myself. But I have a super great trainer who always tells me to worry about my form before I ever start to worry about loading more weights. I’m so glad I found CF because there’s no telling where I’d be if I hadn’t.

    Let the haters hate. It heats my temper when I see people call CrossFit a fad. But then I remember that they’re just ignorant. It changes lives, mostly in a positive way when you’re willing to work for it. When I hear I can’t, that gives me all the more motivation to prove them wrong. I can’t wait to catch up with you and your awesome success!

    And as James says, I plan to “LIFT all the things.” I flipped a 400lb tire for the first time the other week, and it felt amazing!

    Thank you so much, Gina, for this amazing, inspiring article. And thank you for being a great role model!


  64. Gina,
    I loved your article. Loved it. As a 61 year old woman who has been crossfitting for over a year, I so want women my age to at least try it out. The results are incredible and empowering. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with ignorant people that think the perfect woman’s figure is like a Barbie doll. But fortunately, more and more young women everyday are rejecting that narrow and often very unhealthy model. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been. Keep up the good work.

  65. You and I are of a similar strength. I’m not intimidated by your strength. I’m impressed by it. I hate the lies that women are saddled with. I don’t find skinny and weak more attractive than fit and strong. I like that you have goals and like me you have struggles in reaching them. That makes you honest and interesting.

  66. Revenwyn says:

    I don’t Cross Fit but I weight trained for years and did 90 minutes of cardio a day. I am 5’4″, 175 pounds and have 22% body fat according to hydrostatic weighing. They weighed me three times because they just couldn’t believe what they were seeing. I’m half Cherokee, and my body build reflects the broader frame, but I have a toned waist at 37 inches. My chest is 44.

    I can also bench press 250 pounds.

  67. Benny Brial says:

    Well said! BTW, great measurements keep up that awesome thought process.

  68. A. Washington says:

    Thank you! I have struggled with my weight all of my life but I have always found pride in being both mentally and physically strong. Your statement gives validation that we consistently look at the WRONG numbers.

  69. Sam Hardmab says:

    Great, Great article!! I love it! Thanks

  70. Gina-

    You are an inspiration! I joined CrossFit in Aug 2012 and recently I have been getting comments from friends/family that I looked “jacked”. At first I was shy by these comments and wore clothes to hide my arms even though I’m proud of how I look and feel. I didn’t want the world to judge my body. My friends/family reassured me that I look great and being strong is extremely attractive for a woman! Reading your post is another reminder, so thank you! You look amazing; strong inside and out!

  71. Brian Rudy says:

    I’m 53 and have been crossfitting for a year now. I go to the same box at the same time every day(5am) and work out with the same people (mostly women) all the time. We are a pretty tight group and try to be really supportive of each other. We recently completed a ‘Box body challenge’ mostly to track percentage of body fat over a 4 month period and it has made me realize that weight is a number, healthy weight is a combination of resting heart rate, VO2 max, proper diet, the right recovery, perfect sleep and so many other things. If you feel good you look good and the people that don’t notice aren’t worth knowing.
    Good luck on the muscle-ups, you’ve got the pull-ups, work on the ring dips and you are there!!(Carl Paoli has a great tutorial on getting the transition.)

  72. Shellane Demarest says:

    Thank you, thank you , thank you for writing this. My body measurements are very similar to yours. I too love how my upper body looks, but hate still seeing cellulite on my thighs and how I look in shorts in pics. But I love how strong I’ve become and how my standards are improving with each competition. Keep on blogging girl! You’ve got a fan here!

  73. I talk to a lot of people at my job who are trying to lose weight, and most of them are looking for shortcuts like pills. But I know one woman who has been a regular customer for months, and was trying to lose a significant amount of weight, who came in beaming one day. She was so happy because she had just completed her first sub-20 minute mile. I know a lot of gym rats who would look down on someone for a 20 minute mile, but she busted her butt for that accomplishment. She set goals, made a plan, and worked until she got it. I consider her very inspiring, because her attitude is so much better than someone who thinks the outside of a person is what matters.

  74. Darrell says:

    Are you kidding! You are absolutely stunning! 157 lbs of beauty!

  75. You are amazing!! This is what I put on FB:

    “I have the same mindset. Ha! I nodded at the 4 eggs and avocado since most of you know that’s my deal too. She is also is far, far ahead of the game than me in fitness, but I will get there. My point, especially for you people out there feeling bad about an *&$% number on the scale at this very minute? Stop. For your health, stop beating yourself up. Instead, ignore that scale and move. Find a crossfit box, or a trail, or a set of stairs, and MOVE! Then cut out all processed, sugar, grains and let your body have protein, unlimited veggies, fruit, and nuts. Do NOT count calories.Listen to your body. If we all listen, work to get strong and healthy…any extra fat your body has will take care of itself. Push yourself. Feel free to message me ANYTIME! Lots of you do and I will always make time for you. Community is important.”

    Thank you for ebing a healthy, fit role model focused on strength and not a number on the scale!

  76. Jerkface says:

    DAMN girl. you’re about on par with my physically as far as size goes… well I have a slightly more braod shoulders and chest (38-40″ chest depending on day of the week)slightly bigger “waist” (what you women call waist) and smaller hips (which quite frankly a woman with quite nice big wide sex cruiships and an ass to match is sexy as can be I think)

    but outstanding as far as performance goes. Keep up the good work, relax, eat a little and live a little but well in all honesty I’m quite a picky person and if you’re even in need of a good time in Knoxville… *wink*

  77. I love to reading your post! What you say is so true. I find it so frustrating when friends say to me they’ll bulk up with Crossfit. Guess what, in some cases, if that did happen (which it probably won’t) it would be better than status quo for them but of course they don’t see it that way! Then the whole, “I don’t want to join that cult (Crossfit) and talk ’bout it all the time.” What are those people afraid of? That they will actually find something they like so much that they want to talk about it all the time? Sounds like a good thing to me! It’s time we as women quit trying to aspire to supermodel bodies. They are unhealthy! I gave up the scale 2 years ago and have been all the more happier for it!

  78. You are awesome! I love your attitude. Keep bringing it and chase down your goals!

  79. Hi,

    Awesome article!!

    If you find my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/physiodetective or http://www.facebook.com/antonylo you can like my page or friend request me – i am willing to help you any way I can to achieve those goals you set out (within reason of course!). best is if you post a video there of a lift, I can give you a PT’s eye-view of how you might be able to improve performance 😉 no charge of course 🙂

    My blog is http://www.physiodetective.com and has CrossFit related articles in there.

    Go after those goals!! Good on you!

  80. Catherine says:

    I do have an opinion on this..you’re awesome! I love the detail you went to to describe your self, body measurements, performance, diet and the pics to prove it. I wish all articles showed this kind of details. I’m 51 and started cf only 5 months ago. I have some weight to lose and now after looking at you, I’d be so happy to be at 157. But let’s be real. You’re 157 is dam ass strong and I think that should be made very clear to everyone reading this article. Our brains tend to think 157 is big and you’re not big. You’re dam ass amazing!

  81. Lauren Springer says:

    Great article & testimony! Thanks so much for sharing Gina! My story is very similar. I’m 38 y/o, 5’2 and weigh between 140-145lb. I’ve got huge biceps, traps, shoulders, calves & thighs & through Crossfit I have learned to love them & embrace the body God have me. There are some days when I do better with it than others since I’m human but for the most part I’ve come to appreciate them & everything they allow me to do! Keep rocking it girl & good luck w/ all your goals in CF & life!

  82. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! I’m pretty much the same measurements so I definitely see myself in you and its so encouraging!!! I know I’ll never be thin in the numbers but guess what I don’t want to!! And you just confirmed that I don’t need to be!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  83. Steven Platek says:

    awesome, plain and simple – AWESOME.

  84. Missy Null says:

    Thanks for speaking my mind. I hope several years from now, this read is still rolling around in my mind.

  85. Courtney says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I just weighed in today at 167 pound and am 5 foot 8. This is the most I have ever weighed however I am in the best shape of my life! When looking at that number pop up on the scales I freaked out. I rarely weigh myself and that is the first time I have done so since started crossfit 10 months ago. I have gained around 13 pound in that time although my clothing size has dropped. I love the muscle I have gained and the definition. I used to look at thin girls and be jealous now I just looked at them and think girl I’d love to see what you can overhead squat!

  86. First off, I loved this. “Think about the weight on your bar, not on the scale.” This, though worded differently, has been a point I’ve made for a long time. We’re all so different, a girl who weighs 157 can look ten times better AT 157 than what globo-gym or the par excellence fad magazine says your weight should be by height. According to every chart out there, Dan Bailey and Rich Froning are obese…This is a fundamental misconception that sends so many people (especially women) off on these crazy expeditions of half measures that only ends up, understandably, wearing them down. The interim of bull they spout while shedding 3 or 5 lbs only serves to confuse the general message of what health should be. That is a lose-lose and I’ve seen it destroy optimism and self esteem in beautiful girls. I know it borders on chauvinism as a man to say so. I do not mean for it to but it just does… As a guy it’s hard to commend the mentality of this article without sounding fat-ist. But what I read here is so much healthier an outlook. And it is so much more refreshing than hearing “i’m fat and i’m sexy” or “why am i so fat? (mid ice cream bite)”. That attitude absolves all responsibility and it is so annoying. I don’t care if your arms are bigger than mine, you have a better FRAN time than me or you have some cellulite on your thighs, if you are even trying muscle ups you’re already sexier than 90% of women out there. Crossfit lets women look natural, both physically and mentally. And that is true beauty. Enough said.

  87. Casey Arriaga says:

    Thank you for sharing…I am so inspired by you! You are amazing! As a fellow CF coach I often feel the same way as you…..I am the largest female coach in the box and know I have work to do! Your words motivate me and I plan to share this article with the members of my box!!! Keep on crushing souls and kicking ass!!!

  88. Kristen says:

    I don’t live close to my parents, so on one visit home, my father told me that my thighs were huge and asked how much I can squat and it upset me for a few days. I have trouble finding pants that fit in the thighs and the waist. But whatever. I’m pretty strong and healthy.

  89. YESSS!! Thank you!!! Your stats are similar to mine, aside from my weight (which right now I truly believe is the only thing hindering me from accomplishing more, like pull ups, ring dips, pistols, etc.) I love reading about real people who do CrossFit, and how they’re okay with themselves. I’m in love with myself, but I definitely need some improvements still! It’s slow coming, especially when I get off track with my diet.. and by off track I mean I’ll have some white rice one day, or I’ll eat fruit before bed. I don’t gorge on chocolate chip cookies and bread, EVER and I almost never drink, so it’s really just my slow as hell metabolism that I’m dealing with. I know I need to stay dedicated and driven, and remain focused on my goals, but in the mean time, during this process, I need to remember to enjoy what’s happening, the experiences I’m encountering, and the positivity I’m surrounded by. The amazing family of people all around, and the role model that I can be to others are two of the big things that keep me going. Knowing that even a year ago I couldn’t do the things I can do now, and that hopefully a year from now I’ll be even more amazing, and hopefully a little lighter. 🙂 (2 more dress sizes is my goal!)

    So thanks! So awesome of you to share this. 🙂 I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!

  90. Just want to say, “Thank You”! I’m on the same journey as you and the fact that you love kimchi is enough! LOL Ignore the ignorant with their rude comments, they are not worth your time!

  91. Loved the article and reading the comments. It’s true that we women are hard on ourselves. I’ve been doing crossfit for three years. Went from 211 to 142. Worried all winter bc I gained weight. But u know what? I go to my box 4-5 times a week. I eat clean 80% of the time. And I’m ok. It’s all good. Love your story. I’m also proud that I’ve passed my fitness and nutrition goals onto my two daughters who both crossfit. I couldn’t be more proud of them. My household is different…we don’t have junk food…and we make sacrifices to pay for our memberships and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love my CrossFit community. Crossfit has been my therapy. If u are reading…let it b yours too!

  92. Melissa says:

    Very inspirational. This is the kind of mindset every woman needs to have.

  93. I think you look AMAZING!!! And all your WOD stats are inspiring. The truth is in your pictures: you look beautiful and strong and from your writing you are clearly a determined and passionate athlete. You can’t put a number on that.

  94. Referenced her from Crossfitters Eat to perform.

    You are Brittany Bad A$$ and I condone everything you stated and are… A bad ass.

    Great work, don’t quit.

  95. Gina,

    Loved the post. You did put yourself out there and should be proud of yourself. Let us know when you hit those PR’s!

  96. Alex Miranda says:

    I think you look great !! Not much to complain about . I think with a better diet you could thin out more .. Try Paleo .. I think you look awesome ..

  97. This might sound stupid but gina u brought a world wind of emotions with this article and even a few tears. I feel like I can really relate to u im so inspired by u thanks for the push to set some goals. I reallly needed to read this

  98. Gina….
    I think what you wrote was amaze-balls. I used to do Crossfit but, since it’s kinda expensive, I don’t anymore. BUT, i try to follow Crossfit exercises and fitness gurus and I continue to push myself. In the gym, I see what I wrote down what I did the week before, and I try to push above that line and go higher. I’m not overly concerned about my weight. I’m more about gains, and/or how my body feels, and/or how my body looks. And I am LOVING this. I eat more than most people and yet i STILL here that I don’t eat enough or that my portions are too small. Of course, most of the people who tell me this, don’t do any physical activity or are older, or are overweight. I always chuckle to myself when I hear these opinions spew from their mouths…… I love what I do. I am PROUD of the hard calluses on my hands; i love seeing my body change; I love having strong looking arms and back. Legs are slowly catching up…. You inspire me. I have posted this article on my facebook and in my Zumba with Anissa page (because some people think that Zumba is the ONLY way to be fit… and it truly isn’t… i’ve taught it now since 2005). Keep being you… Keep being real, like you were in this article. I appreciate you and what you have put out there. Thank you.

  99. I loved your story. I think Strong is the new Sexy, and 160 lb never looked so good. You keep doing the amazing job you are doing!! Im working on losing weight and I want to build muscle and be defined. I run and kickbox 3x a week. Crossfit is my goal down the road, as I still have weight to lose and I am too intimidated to walk in there right now. But keep on going girl ! Im glad there are more of us out there!!

  100. You are a badass and an inspiration and a gorgeous specimen of woman.

  101. Thank you for sharing things that are so personal. I currently (purposefully) do not known exact weight b/c for so long I was a slave to the scale. What I do know is that my thighs and butt have gotten bigger (yay!) and I’ve gotten stronger and more self confident since doing crossfit.

  102. Awesome blog, Gina! Great read on the world in general. And great way to speak the truth. You rock!!

    Keep up the great work and enjoy that ice cream. My favorite is Rocky Road!


  103. Hi Gina! I appreciate your article. I just don’t understand why people need to be rude and hateful. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say a word. I have done body building for 11 years. I’m over it and want to do something new. Thinking on trying crossfit. With competitions I ended up with an eating disorder. I just stopped this February and I blew up 25 lbs. I have been in beast mode eating good and still not losing. Now I need to lose so much weight. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for your article. Keep doing what you ate doing and who cares what people have to say. Have a great Fourth of July.

  104. AMEN!! YES! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Keep it coming 🙂

  105. I just came upon your blog today, via this post, and I have to say that what you’ve said here is wonderful! I have a butt and hips and thighs and I’ve always felt “fat” because of the muscle I have on my lower body. I needed to hear and see someone who has the same body type as I do who has gone through/seen the same kinds of hangups that I go through on a daily basis. I’m just starting my journey health wise, and ladies (and the gents) who take the time to create a wicked community that is Crossfit help me to look forward to what the future brings. So thank you. 🙂

    Also, don’t feed the troll. He seems to be looking for a bridge to hide under, and paying attention to him just feeds him the “sacrificial” lambs he’s looking to devour.

  106. Weak men ridicule women who lift. Strong men simply ask: “Are you single?”

  107. I think you just look awesome !!! You look great !! And what makes you even sexier is that you are training hard to achieve goals for yourself !! That is honorable and….sexy !!!
    No matter what the jealous guy wrote….crossfit girls are the best…..and you are one of them !!
    Bravo !!!

  108. All i can is wow and thank you! Makes me want to truly keep pushing my self harder and stick to my working out!!!!

  109. Love this…have been feeling somewhat worried as I have been CrossFitting the past year, and see the scale creeping UP…yet my clothes all still fit. Likewise, I have seen all my core lifts steadily increasing upwards. AND…abs starting to show, which has NEVER happened before. Ignoring the scale and going on how the mirror looks. 🙂

  110. get it girl! Right there with ya. I’m 5’3″ at 130 and I am a personal trainer, Crossfit training, advid runner and I still get those “looks” wherever I go. I embrace it. I just think to myself “see ya on the gym floor or on the track.”

  111. Christopher says:

    I would be more than happy to have a 160 lbs wife or girlfriend like this woman.

  112. This article was just what I needed tonight. I really need to stop worrying about the numbers and appreciate my body and my hardwork. You look great!

  113. You are very sexy, CrossFit women are sexy, strong is sexy. I shouldnt have to tell you, as a coach, you know that 157 lbs as a fit strong CrossFit woman is completely different than a lazy woman who walks on a treadmill twice a week, eats 1000 calories yet is 40% bodyfat, the two LOOK nothing alike. Those guys judging a woman weighing 160lbs are not judging them by CrossFit “weight standards”, they speak more to the average sedentary 160lb woman. Besides, those guys are probably overweight themselves. Please dont worry about your weight, u look HOT! And i am impressed with a woman that is capable of taking care of herself if shit hits the fan!!! “More Chalk, Less Talk” – Nick W.

  114. Don’t listen to those that have no idea who you are. They are the only ones who will beat you down. They DO NOT know what you have endured to become who YOU are!! They are the truly ignorant in this world who only judge.

    Teddy Roosevelt said it best; “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    Press on and only let their words fuel your determination.
    By the way, you are sexy as hell!!!

    • Kurt – love this quote and have called it to mind many times amidst failures of one sort or another. Thanks for your kind words!

  115. I also believe that average people are not use to seeing Athletes walking down the street, all humans should look like CrossFit athletes, its how we have survived for millennia, people are use to seeing fat out of shape people. Lets change the “Norm” !!!

  116. Christine Donovan says:

    Love it!!

    I can totally relate at 5’3″, 155#, 23% BF! I’ve learned the only numbers that matter are the ones that I can pick up. Wish more people understood this.

  117. Tiger Runner says:

    Even though I disagree with your paleo diet of eating all that animal proteins…..I must say great article.

  118. Stacey P says:

    You are an inspiration to all who are trying to get, remain, or resemble fit! Health and personal goals are the key. Thanks. I needed to be reminded of that; especially today! You rock!

  119. I am quoting you! Thanks for being you, and not what you think society wants of you! I love seeing another human who’s willing to take the slings and arrows that come with not being beaten into conformity.

  120. Dave Chiu says:

    why are you condemning yourself
    to such a disproportionately small CJ?
    if your SQ has legit depth and your olifts
    tech is good then it should be more like 205-220

  121. I cried reading this. I’ve been muscular but heavy my whole life. We are pretty much the same size. Thank you for making me feel normal, and for helping me realize it’s ok to not be 120 lbs. I’m coming home to Boston the end of August and need to take a special trip up to Lowell to work out with you. Thank you so much for making me feel normal, you honestly have no idea what it’s like to go through life always feeling like you’re “too heavy.” you are beautiful!!!

  122. Dave Chiu says:

    test 2K on the erg
    thats the gold standard
    which you can most improve
    thru more proficient technique

  123. Mary Joe says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have a hard time seeing all the good I have done with CrossFit, because how I look on the outside doesn’t reflect how I feel. I try not to beat myself up but I am my biggest critic and I know I should be better than this. I’m trying to stay positive and seeing stuff like this helps. So thank you

  124. Ainsley Clarke says:

    If you as a woman meet a guy who has a problem with you being strong, having well developed traps, calves or you being 160 pounds of lean muscle, do yourself a favor, WALK AWAY! Hollywood, Cosmopolitan, and other assorted idiots say that a near anorexic 100 pounds is sexy. It is to emotionally stunted guys who need to feel superior to women they are involved with. You have goals as well as the drive, and the means to accomplish them. So go for it! A real man will support, not hinder you. All the best to you with your training.

  125. Eeeeeeek!!! I LOVE THIS!

    Thank you so much for sharing! I just went through a two week depression because I am not to my goal physically. Ughhhh, what a waste of time! Not only that, I was complimented today by no less than 3 women in the bathroom at church for how awesome I looked. Perspective.

    I weigh 166. Three months ago I weighed 157, then I started Crossfit. I am 66.75″ tall, the only BMI I can get says that I am 24%, but I swear its wrong, my suspicion is that its closer to 22%. I’ve gained incredible strength since starting crossfit, and maybe a little fat too, cuz lets be honest those workouts make me HUNGRY! I am naturally a medium build and am strong, so crossfit is heaven to me, I LOVE feeling strong and getting stronger. I understand its not for everyone, but its definitely for me.

    I actually know exactly what to do to lose the fat. Problem is, even though I think I want it, I don’t want it bad enough to skip the yummy food. So I’ve spent a lot of time lately beating myself up for not having a lower body fat percentage and for not being more defined. In reality though, I think I’m just in a “bulking” or muscle building phase and in a few months I’ll be ready to trim the fat again.

    Its been a lifetime journey for me when it comes to my body, health, and self image. And quite honestly I am the last person to ask when it comes to how I look because I will give you all sorts of crap answers when if you asked someone who knows me they would say I’m beautiful. Thank you for sharing yourself, your journey, your strength, and your heart. Very, very, very cool. You helped a lot of people today.

  126. Gina,
    I would gladly take that little cellulite in exchange for a 165 lb. clean and jerk. You’re inspiring and strong and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. I’ve struggled with dealing with people’s opinions of my activities and the way my body looks now that I am a crossfitter, and your post was refreshing and encouraging. I wish you luck with your goals and I hope you continue to use your talents and strengths to inspire more women to follow in your footsteps.


  127. THIS. HIT. HOME.

    I had to take a breath so I wouldn’t tear, seriously, I felt I was reading my own words/feelings.
    Thank you for making these thoughts public.

  128. Mr Mike says:

    I think your body is beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with natural muscle on a woman. It shows discipline and effort. I see someone who knows what sacrifice means and doesn’t give up. Your body IS beautiful.

  129. Great post, very honest and well written!! Oh and by the way, you look great!!

  130. Hi Gina, thanks for writing this post. A lot of women (myself included) can relate to it. It’s definitely made me feel better about myself because, for whatever reason, I do check that number on the scale. 🙁 You look amazing and you are very very strong! Keep it up!

  131. My first thought was “she’s cute” then I read stats and thought, “damn, she’s nearly as strong as me.” In short, I’m impressed. Convention is boring, be true to yourself and strive for your goals.

  132. Your my hero. I wish I had your balls.

  133. Thank you so much for posting this!! I’m 5’8″ and whenever I tell people I weight 161 lbs they’re always so judgy and all “oh I thought you worked out all the time…” and it kills me every time! So seriously thank you so much for putting this out there you are a true inspiration to me!:)

  134. Melissa says:

    First off I would like to say, I think you are kicking major ass.
    I would be so proud. Keep up the fantastic work and prs.

    I just stumbled on to this. And Don’t know anything about cross fit..
    So I just spent and hour on You tube looking things up.

    I’m curious to why you say your max pull up is only 12
    when in order to do Fran you have to complete 21.
    in the first sweep.

    And why are they changing the weightlifting names to girls names.

    • Hey Melissa! The 12 rep max is as many as I can do before I have to jump down off the bar and shake my arms out. In Fran, that’s about a 5 second break and then it’s back to. As far as the girls go, those are our CrossFit benchmark workouts, and regardless of what CF box someone attends, pretty much everyone is well acquainted with those workouts.
      Glad you enjoyed.

      • Melissa says:

        Thanks girl,.
        I enjoyed it so much I’m going to try CF myself.
        I just finished Tough Mudder Ohio.
        Looking for a new challenge, And I know I found it.

  135. Get it done. The only judgement i have is how raunchy your farts may get from your diet.

  136. Tim Oliver Dreyer says:

    Hi Gina and the rest,

    no one should jugde over someone else, i think your beautiful and on the right path to your personal goals. A Strong Mind can build /rebuild a strong body! For my loving crossfit and now gettin in shape with a whole life change with paleo, mobilisation and many other general things started two weeks ago with 29,7% bodyfat at about 249 lbs. workin my ass off to be more efficent in my movements and lost about 10 lbs. in the last two weeks… i wish everybody out there a more healthy and powerful life!

    P.s. sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native langue 😉

  137. This article is brilliant, just what I need to hear at the moment!
    I’ve been struggling to lose “fat” weight as i know what weight I can be and still be strong. I think I’ve been using the “I’m mid-thirties now and it just takes longer”, which is true to an extent, but also an excuse for some of my slackness if I’m being honest with myself.
    I’ve been crossfitting for almost a year now and this is going to be the year that I hit my goals, get stronger and as a by-product, shed some fat so I can fit back into my old wardrobe and look awesome in my long socks and shorts!!
    Thank you for sharing your stats 🙂

  138. Hey Gina,
    I wanna say how brave you are for saying all this. I feel like as a society yes we do objectify women and the media pigeon holes the body shape they should be in. But at the same time, this isnt a man created concept (I know you didn’t say that but i would like to). First off, your married (at least i think you are based off your facebook) and if you werent, you would have guys lining up to talk to a woman like you. This perception that you talk about in Maxim, its not society it is solely the media’s doing. Men don’t see women the way magazines do (although we hate to admit it). Magazines like Maxim need to push copy and the best way to do so is through humor and controversy. Its the view of the media but not the people (does that make sense). What im trying to say is, women shouldnt be objectify themselves based on magazines or media, cuz honestly if asked real men about any of it, they would get great responses (I can guarantee that almost 95% of the time).I am a man, and I’d be lying if i was completely content with my physique (and i think anyone who says they arent is lying to themselves). At the end of the day when i feel that way its my responsibility to dismiss thoughts like that! If you allow anyone or anything to make you feel (that way) that to me doesnt reflect a weakness in society, but rather a weakness inside of us. Thats my two cents. Anyways you are hawt, and i’m pretty sure im not the first person to tell you that today 🙂

  139. Christy says:

    I will tell you this. No matter what your height/weight combo, people will judge you. Truth is it doesn’t matter. As much as we don’t want it to bother us, it sometimes does. I do not cross fit. With 4 children I don’t have the time right now(though I would love to try it one day). However, I do teach(and do) gymnastics. I am 5’1″ and about 100 pounds. That is how God made me. I have people ask if I am eating enough. You can’t please people, so just be happy with how God made you. You are beautiful and God loves you!

  140. Add to all your smokin’ hot ass kickery that you’re clearly intelligent and write well. More women should push 160 the way you do. Keep at it.

  141. Gina,
    You are strong and most of all you are beautiful. Keep it up!!!!!


  142. A coach from my box shared this on FB and your post couldn’t have better timing. I have been doing CrossFit for 4 months and love it! But I have been really struggling with my body image. Your honesty is really encouraging. Thank you for posting this!

  143. Very inspiring, and thanks for your honesty. Training isn’t about reaching perfection, it’s about “Kaizen.” “Kai,” meaning “continuous,” and “zen,” meaning “improvement.” I’m never going to look like a Crossfit pro, but I’m taking care of what I’m blessed with and doing my best every time I work out. As for the guys who complain or are intimidated because their lady has a bit of muscle, put up or shut up. Appreciate the fact that she is into her health and taking care of herself.

  144. was reading the whole article just to find your phone number..! 😉
    nasty thoughts about your body? come on…!

  145. Anthony says:


    This is a great article! Ignore all haters, whether it’s their definition of the “ideal body” or their misunderstanding of CrossFit. Keep moving forward!

  146. Cole Sefc says:

    Awesome job!!! U are truely a inspiration to women and men alike !!!

  147. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Just a question on what you throw in the food for snacks? Or is what you eat for meals enough to sustain you throughout the day.

  148. Jennifer C says:

    Hey Gina, thank you. I needed to read every bit of that!

  149. Nagla Radwan says:

    Gina, you are just amazing!! Thank you for shearing this.

  150. BackBayNewbie says:

    Gina, I don’t know you but I truly appreciate the sentiment that drove you to post this. The body image stuff doesn’t just affect women; some of us guys struggle with similar issues that drive us to vanity in our fitness routines and sometimes dangerous diets/exercise regimens. While we don’t get inundated with nearly the same level of criticism that is leveled at women, we feel it. From the skinny, 150-lb “weakling” (or “Hard Gainer” as the bodybuilding publications are fond of saying) to the kid whose lack of a personality like Zach Galifianakis makes him just another “fat kid,” we feel it. While the jury’s still out for me on whether CrossFit is an enduring lifestyle choice, I do appreciate commentary like yours. In my three months of CrossFitting, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with awesome coaches and members who genuinely care more about your fitness, technique, strength, and connection to community than most other gym experiences that I’ve seen. Keep up the great and inspiring work. Young girls (and boys, for that matter) need more voices like yours!

  151. you look great! I’ve been doing crossfit for 2 years and I feel great at 44! I’m a weapons instructor for the Navy and most of the kids I train have a hard time keeping up with me.

    • Eileen K says:


      Thank you for this. I have been lifting and doing some CrossFit for about 1.5 years now and am still getting used to my “new” body. At 5′ 10″, I used to be the typical skinny girl–weak upper body strength, flat ass, obsessed about my weight and never wanting to be over 130lbs, and operating under the misconception that being strong would make me look like a man. Now, I’m 154lbs, have a round ass, can do a strict pull up (working hard for two!) definitely don’t look like a man, and for the first time in my life I can feel my thighs touch when I walk. The old me would have freaked out about that, but the new me says, “F yeah. My squats are working.”

      You are an inspiration.

  152. I don’t lift but I could really relate to this post. A year ago I was a size 10 at 150 lbs and 5’5″. I was constantly fighting my body to keep additional weight off. I was also sick enough to need a doctor every 5-6 weeks.

    I eat healthy enough that my friends often look surprised if I reach for anything sweet. I’ve been called a food nazi and a health freak. I decided to stop fighting my body and give it what it wants. I now weigh 180 lbs and haven’t been to a doctor in months. Medically speaking I am now obese. Yet, no one around me sees me as obese. I wear a size 12 loosely. At 41 I can out hike people half my age easily and when needed, lift more than most. I’m the one people call for help moving furniture. My cholesterol levels are low, my doctor is always stunned when I have a physical and it shows me in perfect health.

    We have all these strange, socially imposed ideas of what a healthy body should be. The reality is that healthy is different for different people. When we impose those ideas on ourselves we only create unecessary stress. Be yourself, whether you lift or not and be happy with who you are. If you have that, you have more than most.

  153. Michael says:

    Wishing you the best of luck. I hope that you reach every one of those goals.

  154. Thank you for having the courage to write and share!! I have been Crossfitting 11 months now, and continue to lose inches, but not a single pound since I began. A few months ago when I fit into a size I haven’t worn since high school, (20 years and 3 kids later!) I finally threw away the scale! At 62 inches and 151 pounds, I was getting beyond frustrated with what I believed was a “good” BMI weight. Looking at you and your stats reminds me once again how I FEEL is what counts and the only weight I worry about now is how much I can clean, jerk or deadlift. Very impressed with your stats… keep up the inspiration!!

  155. You are exactly where I aspire to be…and…I’m not too far away! 🙂 Your an inspiration and I wish you luck on your next set of goals!

  156. Kristin says:

    Thank you! I loved this.

  157. Gina, first of all I would like to initially point out that you are awesome and looking at your pictures you look GREAT!

    Secondly, I feel like you are “dumbing” yourself down by comparing anything to Maxim magazine. You were right that most mainstream media magazines are not worth the paper they are printed on. So why use Maxim’s article about the 160lb thing as a basis for judgement? I know you are pushing 160lbs but by now I can only imagine how many compliments you have gotten on your physique by men and women all over. So why bother to be critiqued by more people you don’t know? You said in your writing that there will be near diabetics giving you diet advice and don’t worry about the noise, so I must ask; why are you asking for more noise from everyone?

  158. My wife and I just read this article together and we think you are a rockstar. Keep motivating. Crossfit strong!

  159. Great post. I think you really help to humanize the Cross-Fit mission. It’s tough. It’s REALLY tough – the toughest workout you’ll get. It’s about commitment – to health, to physical fitness, to making it a lifestyle. It’s about goals. But there’s also “real” life- we need to make sure we feel good about ourselves. We need to maintain who we are – both physically and mentally. So as much as Cross-Fit can be “hard core” – you help to humanize it here. Enjoy it – set goals, go for it – and oh yeah – sneak in some ice cream here and there.

  160. fit and strong and healthy is sexier than any alternative and doesn’t fit into a one-size-fits-all category when it comes to sizes. Keep doing what you’re doing and lovin’ life and living the example you’re awesome 🙂

  161. The best way to deal w people who put you down is to ignore them, not reply. It only makes them feel they are right. I dont care about what anyone says, if you are doing something that is good for you, makes you feel good, and u get results, F anyone else who trys to bring u down. Im 5’9 and weigh more than 160, and dont care, I hit the gym 3-6 days a week, I eat better than I ever have, and Im a work in progress. I dont care what anyone thinks of me, or has to say. If they knew the life I have had, they wouldnt have survived it so they can all go to hell 🙂 Congrtas to you girl and keep up the good work, some people just dont get it.

  162. JC White says:

    You’re beautiful the way you are.

  163. You look amazing to me. Often times it’s ourselves that look in the mirror and pick out all the “imperfections” and we convince our mind that everyone else will notice the same thing. However the reality of it all is the other persons eyes aren’t filled with the lies that we often tell ourselves about our bodies. So, look in that mirror with fresh renewed eyes and see yourself for what you really are, perfectly created! And strong a as a mug.. hahahaha

    Crossfit isn’t for the weak to stay weak. It’s for the weak to get stronger! So, don’t limit your strength for just the outside.. allow it to do what it’s intended to do.

  164. Hey I think this website could really help you reach your goals. I’d check to make sure 1. you’re eating enought (read the 15x and 12x rule) and 2. you need at least 90% of compliance to reach your goals. (example if you eat 6 meals a day that’s 42 meals a week, you’d have to eat at least 38 planned meals to have a 90% for that given week) It will change your world!!

  165. You are brave and f–king rock for writing this!!

    Thank you

  166. Love this! Very brave of you to put yourself out there!! Check out a similar blog post regarding how hard we are on ourselves and each other when it comes to our bodies.


    Thank you for sharing!

  167. Cynthia S says:

    Hey Gina, I want to thank you for putting out this post. I’m one of those folks who was ‘trapped’ in the numbers game. I’m 5’10” and always felt guilty if I couldn’t get into those size 4 or 6 jeans like all the other women. I’m a former triathlete that started Crossfit 6 mos ago. It was hard to switch to the Paleo lifestyle and MUCH MUCH HARDER to allow myself to gain weight. I’m at 145lbs right now and feel guilty because I’ve never weighed this much before in my life. I was used to that 9% BF for a triathlete …. and about had a heart attack when I found out I had gone to 15% after 6 mos of CF. I am stronger now than before and healthier. Still hard to let go of that worldly perception that we all have to look like those size 2 models in all the ads. You look fantastic! P90X gave me the bulked up arms, and I LIKE ‘EM. Crossfit is giving me strength and stamina. I no longer envy those size 2 models. They look like they could break if you weren’t careful with them. I’m proud of what you have accomplished and you inspire me to hang in there and look forward to what more I can accomplish in the months to come with CF. Rock on, Gina !!!!!

  168. Crystal says:

    You are a beautiful woman and an incredible inspiration. Thank you so much. I’m sending this to all my young girls who are always talking about how much they don’t like their bodies. Thank you again for inspiring them and me!

  169. Glad to read this. I too think women are too rough on themselves and obsess with getting lighter. I have similar bodyweight ratio as you, at time (I seem to get bigger in the winter and slimmer in the summer), having reach 163 (72 kg) pound this winter for 5 foot 9 (69 inches). My biceps are bigger than many of the guys I train with 12.5 to 13.5 inches) and my wight as well, and I often had boyfriends the exact same weight as me.

    With years, I have at times hidden my arms because people notice it and point it out, even in the streets and bars, but to say the truth, most people love it. Girls are curious and often envious. Guys are attracted and impressed. Some guys don’t like it of course, and prefer a little girl they could protect, but I rarely got bad comments.

    Girls can be strong, although our strenght sometimes differs. We have to get out of old principles of “girl is weak and need a taller, stronger, richer boyfriend” and “guys need to be strong, invicible and huge”. It is a big stress for all of us. I still like a guys to be strong and healthy, but a friendly competition is always welcome ;p

  170. Carlie Mae says:

    Gina, you rock! I am a muscular, curvy woman and I love my body. CrossFit makes me work so hard, and I think being negative about my body discredits all the work I put in to making it strong and healthy. I’m so grateful to be part of a community that pushes me to become a better athlete and makes me feel that strong is beautiful. Thank you for being an inspiration!
    Carlie Mae

  171. Good for you… You spoke right to me!!! Thank you for that In Your Face Truth! Loved it & Totally needed to hear it.
    I love how you shared your goals….helps to plan goals in the box for myself.
    Thank you.

  172. Michelle says:

    Thanks for writing this! If more women valued themselves for what their bodies can do instead of how it looks to others, they’d be happier. Thanks for writing this and posting it! And I’m impressed you can clean and jerk more than your own weight!

  173. You forgot to say if you are single or not. Cuz you is HAWT!!! Kidding! Great post. Thanks! I’m sharing this. You are inspiration to many. Hope your goals are met in the six-month time frame. If not, you still rock! May you have many more successes in whatever you take on.

  174. No judgment here… Your living life the way it should be lived. The relentless pursuit of your goals.. If more people did that they would have a lot more respect for others. People judge because it is way to make them feel like for some reason their life is a little better or less pathetic than it really is. I have the upmost respect for you and your lifestyle. FYI… Your damn cute! keep it classy.. haters hate that!

  175. Just don’t let some flippant statement from a jerk magazine get you down (not that I think it has). That statement was not considering athletes and was directed at the majority of America which is overweight &/or obese. You are right to be proud of your 157 lbs, because clearly they are mostly muscle. If guys can’t handle strong women, then that’s their problem. According to body mass index, I’m obese myself. I could not care less though as BMI doesn’t take muscle weight into account.

    Here’s that judgement you mentioned. I’ll sum it up in one word:

  176. ill be blunt about it you got a hot body. coming from a guys point of veiw, personally i dont want a girl thats a walking twig. i want a girl whos fit nd strong. not some skinny girl who doesnt eat anything all day long nd is tired after a brisk walk. fit women are the sexiest. id take a women with your body over some skinny girl any day!

  177. Gina, I just want to say that I am your intended audience, and omg, your words did exactly what you wanted them to do. My jaw hit the floor when I read this. I’m 5’5″ female, 160 lb, 28-30% bf. I started eating paleo 3 years ago, and quickly lost 30 lb. Hit 160 and stopped. I’ve been cross-fitting a year, lost 2 pant sizes, and zero more pounds. I’m lifting heavy and loving it. But I have been SO FRUSTRATED. I cut back on calories, trying to drop fat. But I end up exhausted, and no results to show for it. I’ve tried every tweak of macros, cardio, and lifting out there. No weight loss. I eat 100% paleo; no weight loss. I feel like banging my head against the wall! There’s a lurking thought in my head that says, “maybe THIS IS my healthy weight??” But how can that be, when I’m technically “overweight?” Seeing you, and reading all these comments from other women, shows me that this CAN BE a healthy weight. In high school I was anorexic/bulimic. I wore a size 8 pants weighing 45 lb less than I weigh today. Yet today, I still wear a size 8! Isn’t that crazy? Why is it in our culture we glorify the “I look like I am living through a famine” look? (No, I’m not talking to you naturally thin girls – you are thin but still have a glowing, healthy look to your face.) I see pictures of myself “thin” and I have massive circles under my eyes, pale skin, sallow cheeks. But it’s still what I aim for, subconsciously. THANK YOU for putting this picture of health before me. I want to be you when I grow up. 🙂

  178. Lee Govednik says:

    Gina, You keep it up, you inspire me. I have been in crossfit for an year and a half and have made many goals and I have had people tell me “you are too old” (I am only 52)..”That stuff is not good for you” (really I am fitter than I have ever been)…The point is we should all do what is best for us, Gina you look fantastic and your stats shows how well you are doing. Thanks for sharing your story I loved reading it.

  179. Love it. THANK YOU.

  180. Thank you – this is awesome.

  181. I read some of the negative comments and am really puzzled. I am looking at her stats and am very impressed. That is one heck of a set of lifts etc. Who the heck cares what your body weight is? Your fitness is fantastic. I bet if you got a hydrostatic you would have a great lean to fat ratio. I hate those diets and people who think losing weight is about making the scale show a lower number. Much more important is level of fitness and lean to fat ratio. I bet you are 157 because you have substantial muscle mass not because you are a heap of lard. Looking at the pictures you are NOT fat. Looking at the stats you have a lot of muscle. You are fit. Ignore the ignorant. I used to be 360 with like 37% body fat. I couldn’t run 100 yards at a time. That’s fat and unfit. I am about 100 lbs lighter and at about 23% body fat. Okay still too high but a heck of a lot fitter. Last April I ran my first marathon. training for an Ultra relay this month (35 total miles in 3 legs in 30 hours). Off most of my diabetic meds. (1 left) People need encouragement not disrespect or put down. You are doing awesome; keep up the great work. I hope you inspire others. Best wishes for your future.

  182. Golly lass… this 157lbs is much more pleasant to read than Maxim.

  183. Gina,
    You are my she-ro and when I saw your photo’s I thought, ” That is realistic for what I am working toward. As someone new to Crossfit, I appreciate the variance of body types I see. I think you look great and thank you for sharing.

  184. This is not a 157lb. dissection. This is a 157 lb. query as to why the ends are not justifying the means.

    To the author, you have worked hard, exceptionally hard, but it is not always the case that working exceptionally hard will bring you what it is you are really striving for. If you are working to be tougher than some male, or to be on the edge of the curve for most BMI charts, congratulations. You’ve won. Other than that, what are you really taking home with you? Are you genetically constructed to be a weightlifter? Do you think that a judgement of a person’s worth should include marketing terms like “Fran”, “Grace”, and other such nonsense?

    Coming from someone who has done Crossfit for years, and has no plans on stopping, is your purpose in life to lift bars with rubber weights on them? Five years from now, will Crossfit make you happy? Judging from the article, and the tone underneath it, I highly doubt it does now. Sometimes it’s prudent to stop, reassess, and think about what you’re working toward, rather than mindlessly busting ass toward something that has no real end-game.

    Best of luck.

  185. I found this article brutally honest and refreshing. There are guys out there that don’t want their women to be twigs, and appreciate a girl who can help them move a couch. Keep up the good work, you’re obviously an inspiration to many people.

  186. girl, you’re killing it. I didn’t read a single comment here. I didn’t need to. i’m sure you’ve got all the encouragement you could ever want mixed with enough criticism to make you want to quit right now. the truth is you dont need any of it. you know what you want, and you know how to obtain it. that’s all you need. the rest is just noise. get what you’re looking for. that’s what crossfit is all about anyway.

  187. Excellent piece and truly inspiring piece, your physique is perfect and your workout stats are amazing. You will achieve your goals and go further. Keep up the amazing work.

  188. Your hair looks amazing. That is all

  189. This is a great post. I am a runner / do my own crossfit wods / circuit training enthusiast (planning on joining crossfit in the fall but I am 6 weeks ACL surgery post op) and am 5’7″ 155lbs. I am by far the largest of all my close GFs but leaps and bounds stronger and faster than them. YET sometimes I am jealous of their small frame, having a waist / hips instead of my straight down approach, and their lower weight. I would love to get myself to 145 and I am about 28% BF right now so it is definitely doable. Seeing this makes me realize that hey my size is normal and far more badass chicks than me are built THE SAME. Made me smile, thanks : )

  190. Gina,

    You are AWESOME!!! 157 lbs. never looked so good. The scale is not a friend and it doesn’t tell the entire story of body composition. Keep eating clean and enjoying ice cream once in awhile. We deserve some treats for working so hard. Obviously, you have value and I’m glad you are speaking out to/for other women who are worried about the scale and societal perceptions of body image. Help keep redefining positive body images for women. Strong is beautiful. Keep being a BEAST in the Box!!!

    One Luv!

  191. I will preface saying that I never (I mean NEVER) comment on blog posts. But this post was just wonderful, so I had to comment to say thank you. Thank you for writing this.

    I started Crossfit 10 months ago. Prior to that, I was OBSESSED with the scale. I spent every waking moment restricting food, burning calories, and thinking about that number. I was getting thinner and lighted every week, but I was certainly not becoming happier. Quite the opposite. I was 5’5″ tall, 120lbs, tired all the time, and STILL wanted to lose more weight.

    One day, I got bored with my same old workouts and decided to give Crossfit a try. It was love at first lift. As the weeks passed, I realized that I really needed to EAT to get stronger. It sounds so obvious, but my scale-obsessed mind had been so terrified of seeing my weight increase, that I had lost track of what “health” really meant. But something shifted when I found Crossfit–I wanted the weight on the bar to go up more than I wanted the weight on the scale to go down. So I tucked my scale away and I ate to fuel my workouts. And week by week I saw greater and greater improvements.

    Now the only scale I ever step on is the one at the doctor’s office. When I stepped on it a couple months ago, I saw a weight more than 15 pounds higher than my pre-Crossfit weight. And you know what? I smiled. I worked hard for every one of those pounds and I was proud of them. And I’m sure I’ve put on more weight since then! I feel like Crossfit saved me–or more accurately, it helped me to save myself.

    It is not all smooth sailing. Now and again I still struggle with my new shape. My shoulders don’t fit in most of my old shirts anymore. My pants are a size larger. Every now and then I feel a twinge of my old self struggling against this new body. But then I read something like this and it reassures me. It brings back that feeling of pride and reminds me that becoming a stronger athlete is far more important to me than wearing a smaller pant size.

    So thank you, Gina. I’m going to bookmark this post for days when I need that reminder.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story, Emily, and I’m so happy you found the post enjoyable. I know what you mean when you talk about a part of you that’s knocking on the present version of you – I wrote about that too, and called it “The Inner Asshole”. That’s also listed under Coach’s Blog. I think you might get a kick out of it.

  192. Amazing! I wish there was a way to memorize this so I could whip it out whenever I’m feeling a little too heavy. I also really love your goals; inspirational, as are you!

  193. I’ve always been 150-160lbs naturally as well- and athletic/strong. I’ve had odd little moments like this in my life too, and then I remember I could break those dudes and bench-press their girlfriends. So it’s all ok. Great article thanks for sharing!

  194. Strong, fit, confident women are beautiful and desirable!!! My wife, a college gymnast, is one! As are you!!! Keep doing what you are doing!!

  195. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for writing about this!!! I get so many people that roll their eyes at me when i tell them i crossfit and that i enjoy being a strong female!!! I am almost the same body stats as you but slowly working up my lifting stats…Keep up the good work and you look fabulous!!!

  196. My judgement….
    1) kick ass
    2) jealous

  197. Our measurements are almost identical except I am 1 inch shorter and 157-158. I think you look amazing and I love that you are so strong! I have a friend that does Crossfit and I have been wanting to try it but haven’t just yet. I lift nearly every day and get so many compliments and looks from people when I wear tank tops out to my normal stops and when I workout at the gym, people respect my hustle and it feels amazing. I get at least one person weekly asking me what I do to look the way I do, what special diet I am on, and what supplements I take.. I don’t exactly diet but eat similarly to you, I don’t count calories, but limit carbs (minus evening cocktails ) 🙂 and I don’t take supplements. I think that who we are is changing the world one woman at a time and helping them realize that weights are not just a guy thing and just because you don’t weigh 120, you can still be sexy.

    Keep doing you! You are awesome!!


  198. Since you asked…

    Gina, I like the way you look ALOT. Strong is sexy and you’re a hot lady. I greatly admire your commitment to fitness, and, I’m going to agree with a previous person that your post looks like false modesty. To me, it looks like you’re fishing for compliments. I think you knew that when you posted your impressive pics and numbers, your CF fans would shower you with compliments. Despite the “look at me” flavor of your post, I think that your message is great.

    Oh, and ex-member needs a BIG hug.

  199. hello,

    you have my totally respect!

    Greetings from Berlin/Germany – Stay strong!


  200. Amy Westerman says:

    “More focus on the work, less focus on the noise. More expectations of yourself for greatness.” Love your story and this quote! Very inspirational – thanks for your efforts!

  201. Hi,
    Really enjoyed reading your post.
    You may pretty much said out loud what I was thinking about myself …

  202. Great follow up piece and impressive stats, keep striving and you will reach those goals without a doubt. It is better to have firm muscular legs than skinny fat twigs that go into skinny jeans. In fact ask yourself this, “Why would any self respecting person want to wear skinny jeans?”. My answer would be no one, unless you’re skinny fat, it is not a good look and, thankfully, it will pass!


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