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Some gyms may look for measures of success like sending athletes to regional competitions, having 300 monthly members, or peering out at a box full of people who could be models for superhero action figures. In our mind, this simple statement highlighted one of the best features of CrossFit Lowell, and the thing of which we are proudest: we love your weird.

“I never let the old man in.” – Clint Eastwood.

Owner CrossFit Lowell since 2018
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Enthusiast since 2010

I have been an integral part of CrossFit Lowell since its inception in 2012. When the opportunity to buy it was presented, I knew I had to keep this amazing community of misfit toys going. CrossFit changed the path of my life and my health in 2010. I wouldn’t change a minute of the journey since then.

In my life outside of CrossFit, I own and operate an industrial machinery company, eat way too many expensive meals, and read far too much sci-fi.

Trent Pepicelli

Kim Cameron

CF L1 Trainer


I am a PACU nurse @ Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston & Waltham). I have been in the medical profession for well over 20 years w/ the majority of my career being in emergency medicine & intensive care. I spent many years volunteering at the Boston Marathon finish line medical tent & working as a member of the medical staff at Fenway Park. I have always had a passion for sports/fitness & focused a lot of my time of competitive dancing. I am always looking for a challenge & will definitely try anything once. After navigating my way through various fitness programs & local gyms, I decided to give CrossFit a try finally. I signed up on the very first day without hesitation. There is something to be said about CrossFit Lowell & its community. CFL consists of athletes of all different fitness levels & backgrounds. We will celebrate your successes & of course, pick you right back up when you fall.

Favorite CFL Moment

The Crossfit Opens. A friendly competition w/ yourself, your box & fellow CF athletes globally. But I do love the hero WOD Murph which takes place on Memorial Day yearly. 

CrossFit L1

In my life outside of CrossFit
I teach 4th grade in Lowell and have a dog named Bagel. 

Proudest CrossFit Moment
Doing my first CrossFit Open with my dad.

Sydney Fagundes

Scott Florence

CrossFit L1

Outside of CrossFit
I am a Technical Support Engineer for a networking company based in Westford, MA.
In my spare time, I enjoy diving, skiing, and hanging out with my yellow lab Brooklyn.

Proudest CrossFit Moment
My first Ring Muscle Up


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CF Online Runners Course
  • Precision Nutrition (in process)
  • Adaptive Trainer Certification

In my life outside of CrossFit : I am a Substance Abuse Counselor, active member of the Lowell recovery community, and lover of dogs and food.

Interesting fact : My dog’s name is Donut.

I found CrossFit in 2017 through The Phoenix which provides free classes for people with 48 hours of recovery. I immediately fell in love with the community atmosphere and pushing my body to do what I thought was impossible. Physical activity has always been a huge outlet for me and I strongly believe in its power to change people’s lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. I earned my CrossFit Level One Certificate in July of 2019 and have been chasing the knowledge and experience to help others change their lives as well. This journey has landed me at CFL where I have found a tribe of diverse and accepting individuals who welcomed me with open arms even though the first WOD I had the pleasure of coaching was 100+ burpees!”

Tiffany Foster

David Corcoran

Crossfit L1 Trainer

David is a health, fitness, and wellness enthusiast. He was encouraged to try CrossFit by a friend in 2019 and was immediately addicted. He was welcomed by the friendly and diverse members that make up CrossFit Lowell. The sense of community made it easier for him to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It is fair to say it has had a huge impact on his life. CrossFit brought him to his optimal level of fitness and also helped him grow in other ways outside of the box. He earned his L1 certification in 2022 and is known for his positive energy, ambition, relentlessness, and inclusivity. For him, coaching is a collaboration. David strives to instill confidence and strength in everyone he works with. His 6 AM class has a reputation for being a fantastic way to start the day. 

Outside of CrossFit
David works in Academic and Instructional Technology for UMASS Lowell. He strives to make technology accessible in order to empower people to reach their respective goals. He is a bit too obsessed with his dog Louie and often tries to consume as much coffee as his body will allow. 


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Christina has 10 years of experience as a CrossFit athlete. She first trained at CrossFit Fenway and then CrossFit Lando before coming to CrossFit Lowell. As a result of her positive experiences, she has incorporated CrossFit into other aspects of her life. She believes in the importance of healthy eating to accompany one’s fitness and incorporated paleo-based and clean-eating meals into her menu at the Connector Cafe & Grill in Lowell. In fact, CrossFit workouts have influenced the naming of some of the paleo meals on the menu. She enjoys offering a place for people to come after their workouts, to eat healthy foods, and connect with others around health and wellness. In addition to her café, Christina is an applied psychologist, having recently earned her PhD in applied psychology and prevention science, with a focus in health behaviors. Her dissertation research specifically examined CrossFit athletes’ experiences with CrossFit and the community within their gyms. She is excited to share what she learned to help individuals with their experiences within their fitness communities. She is especially interested in working with adults over the age of 40. Christina recently pursued her Level-1 CrossFit training to add another tool to her health and wellness toolbox. She is excited to join CrossFit Lowell to coach current athletes and to help further build community with insight from her research.

Christina Nikitopoulos

Lindsey Cook

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Burgener Strength  Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Certification

In my life outside of CrossFit
I spend most of my time working my “9-5” job as an Engineer. On my off days, I spend time with my family and volunteering with The Phoenix.

Interesting fact
I am a MORNING person.


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At CrossFit Lowell, our priority is your success, regardless of abilities, history, injury, or limitations. We believe in pushing past the margins of individual experience to become better at what will come your way, from lifting a week’s worth of groceries to surviving a bear chase and everything in between.

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