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A 157lb Dissection

Airports and planes are the only places I read magazines. Most of the time, the content in popular magazines isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, but I usually have several hours of travel time to kill, so I like to warm up with what’s essentially the KFC of...

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Why You Train

Do you know why the Bulgarian weightlifting team was so revered from the late 1960's to the late 80's? Because their coach, Ivan Abadjiev, cared more about winning than anything else. One of the only ways to climb the social ladder in Bulgaria at the time was through...

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The Returning Athlete

For a lot of us the idea of training is simple; show up, go hard, repeat 5 or 6 times a week, get results. Sounds logical and for many of us it’s worked before. Then life happens. You get that promotion at work, you have a baby or go on vacation! More realistically,...

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Mechanics First

Strive for quality movement, work towards perfecting your squat, kip, running stride, push-ups, and overhead position. Make your goal to increase the quality of your movement first, after that the speed, metcon time, and weight will mean so much more. "Mechanics,...

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97kg Snatch PR

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Because Hips

CrossFit Lowell places an emphasis on strength and we begin each class with a strength component aimed at hip and midline development.

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What Do You Want?

“I want to be faster.” “I want to be stronger.” “I want to be thicker.” “I want to be thinner.” “I want to live longer.” “I want to lift heavier.” Ring true? The fitness and nutrition industry is built around pandering to an audience that might vaguely want one or...

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5 Things I’ve Learned From CrossFit

I like the shared suffering. It feels good to do something difficult as a group, it brings you and your fellow classmates closer together. I need the community. I need people to hold me accountable especially when I don't want to be, that's when I need it the most....

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Dress For CrossFit Success

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