Getting Started

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Why You Train

Do you know why the Bulgarian weightlifting team was so revered from the late 1960's to the late 80's? Because their coach, Ivan Abadjiev, cared more about winning than anything else. One of the only ways to climb the social ladder in Bulgaria at the time was through...

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The Returning Athlete

The Returning Athlete

For a lot of us the idea of training is simple; show up, go hard, repeat 5 or 6 times a week, get results. Sounds logical and for many of us it’s worked before. Then life happens. You get that promotion at work, you have a baby or go on vacation! More realistically,...

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Mechanics First

Strive for quality movement, work towards perfecting your squat, kip, running stride, push-ups, and overhead position. Make your goal to increase the quality of your movement first, after that the speed, metcon time, and weight will mean so much more. "Mechanics,...

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The Cadaver Project, Entry 1

  “I’m out next week,” I tell my final client of the day. “I’ll be in Phoenix until Sunday.” “Phoenix!” She says excitedly. “Be nice to get away from this cold. Just going out for vacation, or…?” “It’s a dissection lab, actually. My second one.” There is a pause,...

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Lie To Me

"It doesn't matter what I say. You can't be told." After hearing this years over by people who cared about me, I was finally woman enough to recognize it as the truth and apologize to those people who I'd steamrolled in an effort to leap forth and land, face first,...

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An Open Letter to the CF Coaching Community

Tonight’s the night. With the announcement of 14.1 just hours away, CrossFitters young and old, novice and veteran are getting the pre-performance nervous bladder. Blogs are filled with predictions, tips, wishes for a good season, and general community boosting. While...

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We Love Your Weird

At a recent gathering at the box to decorate our monster Christmas tree, we, as a community, received a wonderful compliment from a new member: “Everyone here is just so down to earth… Real, and genuine.” This came on the heels of 1) a Secret Santa name grab where we...

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By the Numbers

It’s rep No. 88 of 150 in Karen. You’re wincing, braced for the medicine ball to make its descent back into your waiting hands. You catch it, press it between the wall and your shoulder, your chest heaving, your legs shaking, your mind suddenly flooded with thoughts:...

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A 157lb Dissection

Airports and planes are the only places I read magazines. Most of the time, the content in popular magazines isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, but I usually have several hours of travel time to kill, so I like to warm up with what’s essentially the KFC of...

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