Monday, April 11th 2022

A. General
3mins Row or Bike @increasing intensity

B. Specific
2 sets
10 Band pull aparts
5/5 Farmers press

10 kneeling hip extension

10 Overhead lunges @ 1 DB

C. Rope climb drills
*Starting in a standing position on the floor
Feet locked on rope + bottom of squat + arms extended overhead
Legs extended (standing) + arms bent
*hands and feet never move

Box rope climbs
*Seated on a box
Foot lock hold
Foot lock then stand

3 reps at each piece
Jump to hold
Jump to hold + foot lock
Jump to hold + foot lock + stand
Jump to 2 pulls or a full rope climb

Metcon (Weight)
Kneeling double KB Push press
4 x 8 @ heavy, across

TC: 8 min
Score: Weight

Scaling options
Beginner & Intermediate
As Written @ light to moderate weight

Push press
3 sets
3 reps @75%
Rest 30 seconds
10 reps @45/35 lbs
Rest 2 mins

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 21minutes
2 Rope climbs
6 Strict Press @ 2×50/35lbs
10 DB Front rack walking lunge @2×50/35lbs

KG: 22.5/15 KG
TC: 21 min
Score: Rounds and Reps

Scaling options
1 Floor Assisted Rope climb*
6 Strict DB press @ 2x moderate
10 FRWL @ 2x moderate
*Started seated on the ground and pull up to standing with feet on the ground

1-2 Rope climb @10’
6 DB Strict Press
10 Front rack walking lunge @2×35/20lbs

Min 1: 1 Rope climb every 10-15 sec
Min 2: 6 Deficit handstand push ups @High
Min 3: 50′ Sled pull, hand over hand @light, fast

Extra Accessory
3 sets
15 DB pullovers @heavy
10 Single DB press* @heavy

*Press one DB with both arms, keep one hand on one head of the DB, and another hand on the other head.