Friday, April 8th 2022

A. General
2 sets
30 seconds Row/Bike/Run/Ski @Easy
5 /5 Single Leg Glute Bridge
5-10 Swing on bar or Rings

B. Mobility
PNF hamstring stretch
5 seconds contraction, pushing against the band with your foot
5 seconds stretch, pulling your foot back

C. Activation
3 sets
3 Box jumps @ high
5/5 Bulgarian deadlifts
Then, build up your deadlift with only concentric reps (Drop the bar from the top)
5-3-1 @ascending

D. Metcon prep
Dedicate 3-5 mins for athletes to have free time to play, practice & setup

Deadlift (1 rep max)
TC: 15 min
Score: Weight

Scaling options
Build to heavy 3 rep Deadlift

Intermediate & Perform
As written

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 20minutes
2 Ring Muscle-ups
4 Box jumps 30/24"
8 Alternating DB Snatch 1x 50/35 lbs

KG: 22.5/15
TC: 20 min
Score: Rounds and Reps

Scaling options
4 Assisted strict Pull Ups
4 Assisted strict Ring Dips
4 Box jumps @ high if possible
8 Alternating DB snatch @ 25/15 lbs

2-4 Band Assisted Muscle Up
4 Box jumps @24/20"
8 Alternating DB snatch @35/20 lbs

2 Box jumps @40/32"
6/6 DB snatch @100/70 lbs
8 Ring mu

Extra Accessory
5 x 10/10 RNT single leg RDL deadlift

For added difficulty or for ankle stability strengthening perform on bosu ball or cushy mat.