Friday, August 12th 2022

A. General
3 sets
5/5 Front rack reverse lunges
5/5 KB/DB windmills
10 DB deadlifts @ 2xDB’s
10 DB squats x 2 DBs

B. Mobility
PNF lat stretch on box
5 repetitions
– 5 seconds pushing against the box with your elbows
– 5 seconds stretch moving your chest toward the floor

C. Specific Reception Drills
6 split position strict press
6 Tall split jerk (from heels off the ground & bar at forehead)
6 Tall split jerk (from Heels off the ground & bar in front rack)
3 Tempo Split jerks

3 Pause front squats
3 No hook, no contact squat cleans
3 Tall squat cleans
3 tempo cleans

Clean and Jerk (Work up to a RPE 9/10 for the day)
TC: 16 min
Score: Weight

Scaling Options
6 x 2

Intermediate and Perform
As Written

Metcon (Time)
5 rounds for time
200m run/Row or Bike 400m
15 DB Deadlifts 2×50/35lbs
6 Bar Muscle-ups

KG: 22.5/15 KG
TC: 15 min
Score: Time

Scaling Options
200m run/400m Row or bike
10 KB Deadlifts @ 2x 16/12 KG
6 Banded Pull Ups

200m run/400m Row or bike
15 DB Deadlifts @ 2×35/25lbs
8 C2B

4 rounds, each for time
200m Run
15 DB Burpee Deadlifts @2×50/35lbs
6 Bar Muscle-ups
Rest 1 minutes

Extra Accessory
Bird dog + row
3 x 10/side
Rest 30 sec between sides and sets

Slow and controlled eccentric phase