Thursday, August 26th 2021

A. General
Rock Paper Scissors
Have everyone in the class pair up (if odd numbers, coach should join in) Playing rock paper scissors best of 3. Losers have to do 10 burpees or air squats (each time they lose within the best of 3 matches) and the winner goes on until there is one person left standing.

B. Specific
2 rounds
25ft of lateral in and out ladder drill*
7 Pause air squats

*If no ladders or with restrictions, have athletes do this in place over a line or crack in the matts.
A skip

Jump over Hurdles
6 x 6
Setup PVC pipe next to box (for safety)

Score: Max height
TC: 6mins

Scaling options
Box jump
6 x 6
*Work on reloading in the bottom. Rebounding and reloading are different. Reloading, the athlete will have tangible control of their weight distribution. Landing from toes to heel, loading the post chain at this point, then right back into an explosive jump from heel to toe.

As written

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 10minutes
7/5 Ring dips
15 Kettlebell swings 24/16Kg

Score: Rounds + reps

Scaling options
Amrap 10
7/5 Push-ups or Hand elevated push-ups
10-15 Russian Kettlebell swings @light

Amrap 10
7/5 Supported Ring dips
10-15 Kettlebell swings @24/16Kg

Cool down
Easy 2-3 minutes on rower or bike, right after metcon to help heart rate go back down slowly.