Tuesday, August 30th 2022

A. General
EMOM x 3 @increasing intensity
-30sec Ski/Bike/Row/Run/Mountain climbers
-15sec Downward dog

B. Activation
1 set
– 8 alternating Bird Dogs
– 8 pausing ring rows*
– 8 hollow rocks
– 8 Behind the neck prone pvc press
*pause 2sec when chest reaches knuckles

C. Specific Progression
Help intermediate and Beginner athletes find their modification and loading. They should be able to hit at least 10 reps in their working section.
5 min EMOM
– Beginners: practice modification
– Advanced: 3-5 SHSPU

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
Get to 100 Strict HSPU in as little sets as possible

TC: 10 minutes
Score: Number of sets

Scaling Options
70 DB Strict Press @moderate

70 Pike HSPU, feet on box

*Add a deficit if your Max effort is 25 reps+

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
Every 6 minutes x 3
In a 4 minute work window:
800m Run
Max rep burpees in remaining 4 minutes window

TC: 18 min
Score: Burpee reps

Scaling Options
400m run
Max rep burpees in remaining 4 minute window

600m run
Max rep burpees in remaining 4 minute window

Every 4 mins x 3 rounds
800m Run
Max Burpees in remaining time
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Extra Accessory
Metcon (Checkmark)
Banded archer row
3 x 10/10 reps

Goal: Post test shoulder health