3 rounds, not for time of:
8 air squats (squat therapy style)
8 stiff legged deadlifts, empty barbell
8 glute bridges (no weight)
5 inchworm push-ups
5 good mornings, empty barbell
4 broad jumps

*Ensure you are fully warmed-up before beginning the workout.

Metcon Rx
Metcon (Time)
5 rounds for time of:
7 Toes to bar
10 Bar Facing Burpees
7 Deadlifts, 275/185 lbs

Super Fitness Robot time:
11:30 or less.

More Likely time:
18:00 or less.
(consider scaling if this seems unrealistic)

Remove ego, embrace scaling. Be smart. Be safe. Support each other. Have fun, and post your results.

Metcon Scaled