Sunday, December 19th 2021

3 rounds @increasing intensity
100m Row
10 alternating quadruped piked calf pedals
30sec Double unders
10 alternating standing dynamic quad pulls
100m Run

*A short general warm-up today that should be capped at 8mins

Metcon (Time)
‘Triple 3′
For Time
3,000 meter Row
300 Double-Unders
3 mile Run

Score: Time
TC: 50mins

**If a run is not possible:
Bike 6 Miles
1,000′ Walking lunges

Scaling options
For Time
1,500 meter Row
300 Single-Unders
2,400 meter Run

For Time
2,000 meter Row
150 Double-Unders
3,200 meter Run

Cool down
10 minutes on bike erg or light jog

Goal: Recovery, Zone 1

This is a simple recovery session heading into a rest day. Try and get some light stretching in after your cool down if possible. Focus on the shoulders, hips, and anything else that is feeling tight or compressed.