Thursday, February 24th 2022

A. General
3 sets
10 cal machine
12 wall balls
15 Banded Good Mornings

B. Mobility
60sec Quadruped calf pedals

C. Activation
3 sets
5/5 Jumping bulgarian split squats
10 Russian KB swings

D. Skills & Drills
Before the Metcon starts, set up stations where you can cover basic skills and drills for the individual movement selections

"Goat Day"

EMOM 20 minutes
Odd: X
Even: Y

Choose a cardio based movement and rep range for the odd minute. Ie:
– Box Jumps
– Row or bike
– Double unders

Choose a skill based movement and rep range for the even minute. Ie:
– Snatch Balance
– Push jerk
– Muscle up

*Athletes can get creative today and work on a skill or movement that they feel would be beneficial to work on.

Scaling options
Ring mu
-Box transition ring mu

-Banded transition ring mu

-Russian Dips
-Muscle up on low rings
-CTB pull-ups + Ring dips
-False grip ring rows + Bench dips

Extra Accessory
EMOM 12 minutes
Min 1: 200m Row
Min 2: 1 Rope climb
Min 3: 15 push-ups

Goal: strength Endurance