Tuesday, January 18th 2022

A. General
3 sets
5/5 World’s greatest stretch
10 muscle sntach, no hook grip no contact
3 btn snatch press + 3 drop snatch*
*Receive lower and lower each rep

B.. Snatch Drills
*Focus on cueing leg drive & reception
5 Snatch High pull
5 No foot, Snatch (contact is fine)
5 Tempo Snatch

C. Metcon Prep
2 sets @ascending
3 Power cleans
20 double unders
Allow athlete to find appropriate weight for Farmer’s carry

Snatch (3 x 1 @ 90%+ (max 5 attempts))
Score: Heaviest rep
TC: 15mins

Scaling options
Power Snatch
3 reps @Ascending
-Drop and reset each rep
-Build to heavy
-Go over rest period and make sure they rest at least 2 mins between sets, this is a good time to discuss spefici cuing

As written

*If athletes have plateaued and they are struggling with their squat snatch, it might be a good opportunity to have them squat snatch in this session while you work with them on specific cuing.

4 sets
3 Singles @ 80%
Rest 90 sec between singles
Rest 3 mins between sets

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 15minutes
50’ Farmers Carry @ heavy
5 Power Cleans 155/105lbs
50 Double-unders

KG: 80/60
Score: Rounds + reps

Scaling options
50’ Farmers Carry @ heavy
5 Power Cleans @Moderate
40 Single-Unders*
*Every 10 Attempt a Double Under

50’ Farmers Carry @ heavy
5 Power Cleans @135/95 lbs
30 Double-unders

AMRAP 15minutes
2 Rope climbs
5 Power Cleans 155/105lbs
50 Double-unders

Extra Accessory
3 rounds
8/8 Prone Lateral raise
12 Trap-3 raise
Rest as needed between sets

Goal: Upper back Hypertrophy