Sunday, January 9th 2022

A. General
5mins Row or Bike
-Gradually building pace from easy to hard @nose breathing

B. Mobility
Soft tissue mobilization
With a barbell, a foam roller or a LaCrosse ball
45-60 seconds/side
Lats or pecs

C. Specific
3 rounds to progress loading in the following:
-Yoke carry
-Farmers Carry
-Sled push

the warm-up is a great time to assess and correct the below POP’s with your athletes in detail.

Metcon (Weight)
EMOM 30minutes
Min 1: 50′ Yoke carry @mod
Min 2: 50′ Farmer Carry @mod
Min 3: 50′ Sled push @mod

Score: Cumulative weight used through the entire EMOM

Alternative option for classes:
EMOM 30minutes
Min 1: 30sec Heavy barbell Back rack hold @mod
Min 2: 30sec Farmer Carry Lunges @moderate
Min 3: 30sec Assault bike

Scaling Options:
50′ Yoke carry @light
50′ Farmer Carry @light
50′ Sled push @light

As written

Extra Accessory
3 sets
8/8 Suitcase Poliquin step ups @moderate
Rest 60 sec
30-40 sec GHD sit-up hold @parallel + knees extended
Rest 60 sec

Goal: VMO strength