Sunday, July 10th 2022

A. General
‘Coach says’
Just like Simon says but with ‘Coach says" and Crossift warm-up movements. For an added warm-up and spice to the game you can have athletes on a machine or doing jumping jacks in place between coach says.
Make sure you include at least two dynamic shoulder mobility movements within

B. Mobility
Single leg deficit calf raise
30 sec/side

C. Specific Prep
1- 15 sec box jumps
2- 15 sec Cal Machine
3- 15 sec KBS
4- 15 sec Cal Machine
5- Rest

*This will tell you what athletes are capable of in a 15 sec window. They should go slightly harder than they plan to go in the metcon, to prime the system. However, take this into account when deciding how many reps they should be doing to gain stimulus.

Metcon (12 Rounds for reps)
Every 2 mins x15 (30 mins)
*Alternate movements each interval
1-Max Box Jumps
2-Max Cals on Machine
3- Rest
4- Max KBS @ 24/16 KG
5- Max Cals on Machine

TC: 30 min
Score: Total Reps

Scaling Options
KBS @ moderate

KBS @16/8 KG

Extra Accessory
Metcon (Weight)
Pendlay row
3 x 8 reps explosive
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Goal: Upper post chain strength

Use a supinated grip (palm of your hands facing forward)