3 rounds, not for time of:
5-7 good mornings, empty barbell
5-7 deadlifts, empty/light barbell
5-7 hang power cleans, empty/light barbell
5-7 front squats, empty/light barbell
5-7 shoulder press, empty/light barbell
30 secs of foam rolling for your back/lats

Metcon Rx/Scaled
Clean and Jerk (4-4-4-4-4)
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
Rest as needed between sets.

Compare to 11.20.2020.

See "How to Approach Heavy Days" for insight on warming-up, choosing the weight, rest periods, and more.

Super Fitness Robot load:
70% or more of 1RM full clean and jerk.

More Likely load:
55% or more of 1RM full clean and jerk.
(consider scaling if this seems unrealistic)

Remove ego, embrace scaling. Be smart. Be safe. Support each other. Have fun, and post your results.

No Equipment Workout
10x RFT: Broad Jumps and Burpees
10 rounds, each round for time, of:
5 Broad Jumps
10 Burpees

Rest 1 min between each round.

Cool Down
Glute Stretch
Hold 1-2 mins per side.

Foam Roller (back, lats, etc.)

Front Rack Stretch (pvc)
1 min per side.