Sunday, March 27th 2022

A. General

‘Coach says’
Just like Simon says but with ‘Coach says" and Crossift warm-up movements. For an added warm-up and spice to the game you can have athletes on a machine or doing jumping jacks in place between coach says.
Make sure you include at least two dynamic shoulder mobility movements within

B. Specific
Set up stations and have athletes rotate through working on skills for each movement

3 sets
Carry instructions:
This session is about carrying any object that will challenge athletes to brace and stabilize.

Carry options:
– Banded KBs on a Barbell
– Yoke
– Heavy back rack
– Farmer’s Carry (or suitcase)
– D-ball carry
– Sandbag carry

DB Push press @ light-moderate DB’s
3 strict press
3 Dips + Squeeze
*Work on squeezing the quads and glutes at the same time in extension.
3 Push press

Evil Wheel Instruction (3-5 reps)
-Never relax the core
-Maintain a straight line in the bottom

Metcon (Weight)
EMOM 21minutes
Min 1:
50′ Carry @mod to heavy
Min 2:
5 Dual DB Push press @heavy
Min 3:
5 Evil wheels

TC: 21 min
Score: Weight across

Scaling options
Min 1:
30 second Back rack hold @moderate
Min 2:
5 DB Push press @Moderate
Min 3:
3 Evil wheels

As written

Extra Accessory
3 sets
60 sec max effort Banded T’s
60 sec max effort Banded Skull crushers
Rest 3 mins between sets

TC: 15 min
Score: Reps

Scaling options
3 sets
10 Banded T’s
10 Banded Skull crushers

40 second max effort