Monday, May 2nd 2022

A. General
60sec Row/Bike/Run/Ski @ easy
30 sec Pause ring rows
45sec Row/Bike/Run/Ski @ Moderate
30sec Banded T pull aparts
30sec Row/Bike/Run/Ski @ Hard

B. Mobility
Front rack bent elbow stretch
5 x/side 5sec contract + 5 sec relax

C. Specific (pre metcon)
2 sets
3 clean first pull
3 hang muscle clean
3 low hang power clean
3 jerk dips
3 push press
3 Push Jerk
3 tempo clean & jerk
5-10 Cal Machine @hard

Weighted Pull-ups (Strict weighted pull-ups 5RM)
TC: 15 min
Score: One score Weight & reps

Scaling options
5 x Slowest possible negative

Max Strict Pull Ups or Band assisted

As written

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)
5 rounds of

AMRAP 2 minutes
15/12 Cal Bike/Ski/Row
Max Clean & Jerk @155/105 lbs

Rest 1:30 minutes between AMRAPs

KG: 70/55kg
Score: Total reps
TC: 18mins

Scaling options
10/8 Cal Bike/Ski/Row
Max Clean @ moderate to light

12/10 Cal Bike/Ski/Row
Max Clean & Jerk @135/85

Clean & Jerk @225/155 lbs

Extra Accessory
Metcon (Distance)
Squat clean wall ball @14/10 lbs
Find your 1RM height

EMOM 5minutes
2 reps @10/9ft
1 rep @Max height
Try to hit the target exactly

Have athletes set up facing the wall as they would to set up for a wall ball, with the ball on the floor, they will perform a squat clean into a wall ball (like a squat clean thruster). Their goal, initially, is to find a max height for this movement. Then they will complete an EMOM of 2 squat clean wall balls @specfically the 10/9ft marker, into a third wall ball at max height where they are trying to hit the target exactly. This is a power, speed, and accuracy drill. Try and use a landmark of some sort for the max height wall ball.