Tuesday, May 31st 2022

A. General
3 rounds
10/8 cal Row @increasing intensity
10 Hollow rocks
5/5 Hanging scapular C.A.R’s

B. Activation
3 sets @ascending
3 x 1 & 1/2 Strict press @light, mod, mod-heavy
10 Banded W-Y

C. Metcon prep
5 Dual DB Deadlifts
5 DB Hang cleans
5 Weighted sit-ups*
5 Cal Row/Bike @ sprint
Have athletes do a couple sets here to feel out the weight.

Shoulder Press (3 rep max)
Murph athletes
5 x 3 @ across @ 6/10RPE

Focus on the Lat and OH stretching, using the press as a reference

Scaling options
Beginner, Intermediate, Perform
As Written

Metcon (Time)
6 rounds for time
10 DB Hang clean 2×50/35lbs
15 Weighted abmat situps 1×50/35lbs
20/16 Cal Row/Bike (or 400m run)

KG: 22.5/15KG
TC: 18 min
Score: Time

Extra Accessory
Prone angels
5 x 12 reps

*Use 5/2.5 lbs in each hand for extra load