3 rounds not for time of:
4 burpees
8 air squats, squat therapy style
8 stiff-legged deadlifts, empty barbell
6 good mornings
6 glute bridges
4 broad jumps

Metcon Rx
Metcon (Time)
21-15-9-6-3 reps, of:
Deadlift, 185/135 lbs
Box Jump, 24/20 in

Super Fitness Robot time:
5:30 or less.

More Likely time:
(consider scaling if this seems unrealistic)

Remove ego, embrace scaling. Be smart. Be safe. Support each other. Have fun, and post your results.

Metcon Scaled
Metcon (Time)
21-15-9 reps, of:
Deadlift, 135/95 lbs
Box Step-up, 20/12 in

No Equipment Workout
Metcon (Time)
21-15-9-6-3 reps, of:
Glute Bridge
Tuck Jump

After Party
Metcon (Time)
3 rounds for time of:
30 Single Arm Dumbbell Power Snatches, 50/35 lbs
3 Wall Walks

Cool Down
Calves & Foam Rolling

Glute Stretch
Hold 1-2 mins per side.

Foam Roller (back, lats, etc.)