Sunday, October 31st 2021

A. General
6mins Row
@top of every 2 mins:
5 Banded rows + 10 Good Mornings

B. Mobility
Single leg deficit calf raise
30 sec/side

C. Specific
AMRAP 3mins
100m Straight legged row
15 sec/leg of single leg plate hops
50m Row @RPE 10

Metcon (Time)
For time
3Km Row
100 Box jump overs 24/20"
3Km Row

Score: Time
TC: 40mins

Scaling options
2Km Row
70-100 Box jump overs @low
2Km Row

2.5Km Row
70-100 Box jump overs @24/20"
2.5Km Row

Extra Accessory
Easy walk or bike 3 minutes

Crossbody stretch
take as much time as you need on both sides