2 rounds not for time of:
10 good morning, empty barbell
1x Burgener warm-up with empty barbell
The Burgener warm-up consists of the following:
Starting with your feet hip width apart-
3-5 reps of dip, drive
3-5 reps of dip, drive, shrug
3-5 reps of muscle snatch
3-5 reps of overhead squat
3-5 reps of hang squat snatch
3-5 reps of full snatch

Metcon Rx
Every 1 min for 30 mins:
1 Power Snatch, pick load

Super Fitness Robot load:
80% or higher of 1RM.

More Likely load:
60% or higher of 1RM.
(consider scaling if this seems unrealistic)

Remove ego, embrace scaling. Be smart. Be safe. Support each other. Have fun, and post your results.

Metcon Scaled
Every 1 min for 30 mins:
Hang Power Snatch, pick load

No Equipment Workout
For quality:
Handstand Hold, 2 mins
75 Glute Bridges
Plank Hold, 2 mins
50 Tuck Jumps

Handstand Holds- accumulate 1-2 mins
Glute Bridges- 2 sec pause at the top
Plank Holds- accumulate 1-2 mins

Cool Down
Glute Stretch
Hold 1-2 mins per side.

Lacrosse Ball Trap Stretch
1-2 mins per side.