Thursday, September 23rd 2021

A. General
2 rounds
30 sec row or bike
30sec Air squat
30sec high box step ups

B. Mobility
B1. Soft Tissue Mobilization Foam roll/Lax ball
Lats, traps, hip flexors
spend 30 sec/body part/side (3mins total)

B2. Lateral banded hip mobilization + knee drive
2 sets of 10-15 knee drive/leg

C. Specific
2 sets
-20sec Hollow rocks
-7 Tall kneeling Banded Angels
-5 Broad jumps

Candle Sticks

For 10 mins:
Practice The Candlestick progression

Candlestick to pistol
Candlestick (both feet)
Elevated candle stick
Hollow body rocks + Cossack squats

Metcon (Time)
Using a tabata interval, complete the following for time:
100 DB Front Squats 2×50/35lbs
100 Abmat Sit-ups
100 DB Hang cleans 2×50/35lbs
500′ Farmer’s Carry @ (25/25′) 2×50/35lbs

KG: 22.5/15
Score: Total time
TC: 25 mins

Scaling options
100 Air squats
50-100 Abmat Sit-ups
100 DB Hang cleans @2xlight
500′ Farmers Carry @ (25/25′) 2xsame as clean

100 DB squats @2×35/25 lbs
75-100 Abmat Sit-ups
100 DB Hang cleans @2×35/25 lbs
500′ Farmers Carry @ (25/25′) 2×35/25 lbs

Cool down
Easy 3-4 minutes on rower or bike, right after metcon to help heart rate go back down slowly.