Saturday, September 4th 2021

A. General
3 min Bike, row, ski, or run
*every 30sec complete 1-3 burpees

B. Mobility
Prone PVC press
10-15 repetitions

C1. Specific

5 Banded wall-slides, slow and controlled
3 wall walks
10 HS hold scap push, facing wall

Full ROM Pistol progression
-high box step up
-box elevated pistol
-Pistols with heel raise
-Pistols or Weighted pistols

Metcon (Time)
10 rounds
5 Strict HSPU
10 Alternating Pistols
20 Double unders

*Complete 1 Thruster every min @185/125lbs (start at 0:00)

KG: 85/55
Score: Time
TC: 25mins

Scaling options
10 rounds
5 Seated DB press
10 Alternating High box step ups
20 Single unders
*Complete 1 Thruster every min @Heavy (start at 0:00)

10 rounds
5 HSPU or Piked Box HSPU
10 Elevated box Pistols
10 Double unders
*Complete 1 Thruster every min @155/105lbs (start at 0:00)

10 rounds
5 Deficit HSPU
10 Alternated Pistols
20 Double unders

Extra Accessory
2 rounds

12-10-8 Cal Row
30-20-10 sec ring dip hold at top

Rest 5 minutes between rounds

Push/Pull endurance

Points of performance:
– Perform each round at 90% effort on the rower.
– For the dip hold, focus on having a full lockout, with the shoulders directly above the hips.