So you’ve decided to take the leap and you’re going to give CrossFit a try. Your friends won’t stop talking about it, you watched a few YouTube videos, and you fancy losing a little weight. But what to wear? We get this question a lot and it’s pretty simple, actually.

Your CrossFit apparel should be something you can move in but not too loose, baggy is bad as you don’t want the fabric of your clothing catching on any of the equipment. Shorts or cropped yoga pants and a tee shirt or tank top are perfectly fine for the first timer. As you progress you may find yourself dressing for the particular workout (WoD) that your gym (Box) is doing that day, but more on that another time. A good, quick test is to come from a standing position to a prone (flat on your belly) position and then back to standing a few times. How did that feel? If your apparel wasn’t restrictive or it didn’t get in your way as you were moving then you’re in good shape.

Now the footwear. If you can avoid running shoes I would recommend that, however, if running shoes are what you have then wear them. The give or sponginess that running shoes have in the sole is not ideal for the movements that you will be doing in CrossFit. Some people prefer Chuck Taylors or the New Balance Minimus, anything with a similarly minimal sole will work well. Don’t feel like you need to run out and buy special shoes before you go to your first class, find out if you like what you’ll be doing before you commit any extra expense towards it. Also, check with the gym before you show up because it might be acceptable for you to take some or all of the class barefoot depending on the workout they are doing that day.

The important part is to be able to be able to move comfortably and enjoy your workout. Relax, pay attention to the instructor, and enjoy the process.

<pro tip!> Bring a water bottle and a small snack (simple carbs) for after the workout.