Great work today guys! It’s nice seeing members team up and work together to push through a workout. I love hearing the strategy, listening to the competitive chatter, and watching it all play out. We’re going to keep the two person team format for the next team workout with the catch that you need to find a different teammate. Muahahahahaha!!

Now for the results…

First place goes to Pablo Escobarbell, they took all three events outright. Second place is White Rice, who nipped at Pablo Escobarbell’s heels in every wod. Third place is a tie between Quadzillas and Mike’s Apartment is on Fire. Team Awesome made a late surge in the last workout but today just wasn’t their day. Sometimes the workouts don’t play to our strengths, so we do the best with what we’re presented with, have fun, and work on improving our weaknesses.

Enjoy the weekend, see you all next week.